Tuesday, 27 October 2009

yet more holiday stuff


actually i started these on holiday but finished them today.

the green piece of needle felt is an experiment i did using wool topps and pelmet vylene---- just to see if it would work. the vylene proved quite good as a background and the needle felting tool went through quite easily but not without pricking myself a few times (ouch). the wool is just laid across the vylene and there are various synthetic threads incorporated in it. a cobweb layer was put over the top as you would when wet felting, just to keep it altogether.

i held a felt workshop a couple of weeks ago and one of my ladies kept sheep, she very kindly brought me in some fleece, straight off the animal!

i did some research and washed and cleaned it, it smelt a bit rough at first but when it had dried it was beautifully soft and fluffy. the sheep are jacobs, so they are a mixture of white/black/brown wool so is proving to be lovely for felting. the picture just sort of developed as it went along depending on the shape of the piece of wool i pulled off. finally i added some beads and crystals to highlight various ares.
i really like the look of this piece so thanks very much for the wool nora.

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