Monday, 24 May 2010

au revoir jill

a long serving work colleage left this week, only she is coming back occasionally when needed, she will miss the ribbons i'm sure so she wont stay away long.
anyway here is the card i made her, i also made a beaded box but forgot to take a picture of it so never mind.
jill and i worked together for about 3  years then she changed her days so we didnt work on the same days anymore. so every time we saw each other at social things or on notes we would always  write merry christmas. i thought i should include this on the card. i also have to say jill loves purple!

the circle is a spinner with choices of greeting from christmas,  retirement, birthday and crafting. it should cover most of the rest of the year.
the spinner part did take a bit of working out, so that the greetings were in the right place.  i sprayed the backing paper with cosmic shimmers and it is lovely and shimmery. i think she liked it 

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