Monday, 17 January 2011

a book to die for or a book for dies
hi world.
if you have nestabilities or similar and dont have a good way to store them, check out this blog, it is brilliant.

here is the one i made earlier (sorry vicky and blue peter)
it only took a few hours to do.

 i already had the book i just had to take some pages out to allow for the extra thickness of the dies and the mount board.

i made a sandwich of mount board and 2 pages of the book. (used loads of double sided tape)!!! then i decorated the page.
 there was a picture of a little dog in the corner, but i didn't like it so decided to cover it up. i used some oriental stamps i brought in a sale recently.
i already had some thin  magnetic strip so i stuck that on and hey presto magnetic storeage book for dies, i love it 


  1. Brilliant idea, and lovely book. As you already know this is on my next to do list!! :-)

  2. Messy desks are the best -means that something is brewing!!!


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