Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hi world
well again there 's no work going on on the desk today, at work all day.
last week i decided to make a journal of all the 'stuff' i buy for my mad hobby. 
just stuff like; things i brought and where and how much it cost. it could be useful and interesting in the future ( as long as it doesn't get in the 'wrong hands', especially the how much i have spent bit!).

yesterday i went craft shopping, like you do!
 on my desk is lots of lovely 'stuff  i  brought, i like to keep it on my desk for a while to admire it. then it gets 'stored' away for use later. i think i'm a bit OCD with the storage thing. but not tidy. . . you cannot be creative and tidy.

i needed to record my purchases in my journal before i stored it away.

anyway i put little scraps of ribbon, paper etc, i didnt put the gems in 'coz that would be a waste! i cut the paper i brought with the nestabilities i brought. i need to make another die book ( see previous post) as it 's full.
 i stamped all the stamps (from kars) and added some crackle glaze to the one i painted just to see how it worked as i have not used it before.  then i had to make dinner (which was late suprise suprise ) so i just left it as it was.
 how it should be messy!

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  1. I agree you can not be creative and tidy! impossible. Great idea to record your buys. Lynne x


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