Sunday, 27 November 2011

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 10 lizards leeping

Hi world

It has  been a very busy but productive weekend. Yesterday, handyman and I did the dreaded Christmas pressie shop. I am still suffering with my cold (2 weeks !!) but we did very well until the crowds got too bad and we gave up and came home, heavily laden with parcels. I dont 'do' crowds!!

Anyway today I made quite a few pressie (cannot show for obvious reasons), but there are a few clues in the photo. A sort of whats on my workdesk Sunday!!
I was very pleased with what I made and I have crossed a few thing off my very long 'to do' list.

 I also made some Christmas decorations for daughter no 2 as it is her first Christmas in her flat with her fiance. She will have to buy  a tree to hang her 10 leeping lizards.
She loves reptiles, especially Gecko's, hers is called Tango, she has a orange pattern down her back like the ones I have made. I stamped onto felt with stazon, which actually worked quite well. the glitter is stickles and silver beads on the eyes.

I hope she likes them.

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  1. These are lovely, the stamping worked really well. I'm sure she will love them!


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