Tuesday, 10 July 2012

WOYWW162 a different view

Hi WOYWW ers

 Well last week was very difficult here, my MIL was very poorly and was staying with us. 
 My Mum had a fall too and smashed all her face in, we had a 2 for I morning at A and E and  joked that they had been fighting, sense of humour is very important at time like that.
I  am glad to say they are both recovering well and MIL has gone home..

Sorry If I didnt get back to visit it you last week I should have more time this week.
Keeping it short as requested.
Do pop over to see head teacher Julia Dunnit at stamping-ground.

Anyway my desk this week is different ot the usual view..... I am still making my D2's wedding tiara.  This is my lap tray  taken last night about 11.00 as I am writing this.

You can see the wired elements I am making using Swarovski crystals and some coral coloured stone beads,  not sure what they are I think I got them at a car boot. I still have to get the pearls and make it all up... when I have drawn the design, although I will probably make it up as I go along.

There is only 1 pair of scissors, but do wire cutters count?
In case you are interested this is what my usual desk looks like ... messy and abandoned
Craft stamper.... still waiting to be read

Amazingly I am still receiving ATC from the 3 year anniversary. This one is from Patricia in the Philappines, the background colouring is lovely. thanks

Anyway I'll be seeing you asap, probably after work this evening.
I have tried blogging at lunch time but it takes sooo long and the comments do not always work.
happy WOYWW please leave a comment and Mr Linky no so I can find you quickly
janet aka fairy thoughts


  1. Thanks for stopping by earlier. I'm glad noting too severe to report. I would hate to read something was wrong with your MIL or mom. BTW, dear, I keep MY step stool on the floor (grin). Happy WOYWW from #1

  2. OK, that should have read NOTHING, not NOTING. Brain things faster than my fingers.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the family hospital invasion. I am glad you can see the funny side of it, it does help. Your desk looks filled with creativity in the happening and what is it about sissors that you have to count them and Mrs D? whoops maybe I shouldn't be asking...LOL
    Cant wait to see the Tiara finished you are clever for being able to make one yourself, I wouldn't know where to start.

    Happy crafting
    Eliza #11

  4. Love your card and glad to see you are able to create something so beautiful even in the midst of such a difficult week.

    I pray that all is right and everyone in your world is well VERY soon!

    Hugs from #15
    Create With Joy

  5. So glad the patients are well and on their way to recovery. What is that footstool doing on your desk? Hope you arent climbing on it on the table lol
    Bridget #6

  6. I'm glad to hear that the mother and mother in law are both getting better. Your desk is very busy this week, can't wait to see the finished tiara.

  7. Happy all is well and that is one busy desk. #28 Judith, Texas

  8. Janet, you've had quite a trying time lately! Glad things are looking up and everyone is on the mend! Have fun looking at desks, but we all understand that life happens and family comes first!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Lisa #37

  9. I cannot wait to see the wedding tiara!! That is going to be just beautiful! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. Ageing parents are a worry. Falls are very difficult for older people.Hope both mothers are well on their way to recovering.
    Judy #19

  11. Glad to hear that both mothers are is a tough time for you as well as them. So I'm glad you've given yourself some TLC. Now that I'm dabbling in beading, I'm quite interested in seeing how you make that tiara. You'll have to publish your step by step guide :) I just love little boxes of beady goodness...mmmmm, sparkle!!
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  12. Glad you MIL is recovering, a fall is so frightening,. My MIL did the same a while ago, turned and moved at the same time and went headlong, giving herself two lovely black eyes.
    Your tiara will be beautiful, can't wait to see the finished article.
    Ann B

  13. Sorry your family have been in the wars!! Your desk looks great - hope to see the finished tiara soon.... Helen 16

  14. The tiara looks amazing and your desk, despite all that's on it, looks actually well organised from the point of view that all the boxes at the back look so practical!

    Happy WOYWW #42

  15. I haven't managed to get to my Craft Stamper either Janet! Should have taken it to the waiting room!! Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 69

  16. Have a great WOYWW your desk looks pretty busy!

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  18. Sorry, my fingers aren't working well yet. Had to delete and start over. Great space. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Gosh what a hectic time you've had. Glad you MIL is on the mend, hope things get back to normal for you soon, Sharon 103

  20. Hi there, so sorry to hear about you mum and MIL - but good to see they are on the mend now.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the completed tiara - the colours look lovely.

    I've got to admire your willpower and ability to resist reading the Craft Stamper the day you got it ... I've been through mine several times since it arrived :))

    Happy WOYWW to you, Elizabeth x #23

  21. What a worrying time you've had recently , glad that you mum & your Mil are on the mend. Happy crafting Jill #73

  22. Beautiful ATC that you received. Not surprising your desk is like that with the work on the wedding tiara in progress. So sorry to hear about the two mums - hope they are both feeling better now. Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

  23. So sorry that you had such a difficult time last week. And glad they are both feeling better!
    Sounds like it will be a very pretty tiara. :)
    I have that same step stool in light green!

    Mary Jo #107

  24. Clever you making wedding tiaras - it will be much loved and a family treasure I am sure. Hope your mums are on the mend. x Jo #63

  25. I'll bet it is a lot of work to piece a tiara together. It'll be beautiful once done I'm sure of it. Poor abandoned desk... you won't mind if I pop in and nick your small step stool off your desk will you? I need one like that for my old cat. He can barely do the jump up on the couch these days. Great ATC. I just realized this morning that I have one I never sent, so the swap drags on!

  26. Love the idea of coral added in with the pearls and crystals. It'll look fab.

  27. Gosh you are making the tiara.. fabulous... would love to see when completed...Have a great week, Hugs May x x x#8

  28. Oh my, so sorry to hear about the mums, but glad everyone is on the mend!

    Can't wait to see how the tiara turns out!

    :)trisha, #36 this week

  29. I had a chuckle at your MIL and Mum fighting! At least you can still have a giggle at that time!
    I want to see your headdress when you finish it. Please share it at some point!
    Hettie 89

  30. happy WOYWW! how lovely that you are making your daughter's wedding tiara! patsy is my sister and i traded for an ATC from the same series as yours. pretty!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  31. Making your daughter's wedding tiara is something very special, and I am sure she will treasure it. Love the ATC!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #4

  32. Good luck making the tiara. I hope your mum and MIL are both ok?
    Thanks for sharing, playing catch up this week.

    Hugs Erika. #83


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