Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WOYWW173 the menu is

Hi wednesday peepers
this is going to be really quick ... 'coz I nearly forgot to write this
If you haven't heard of WOYWW then where have you been?  pop over to   to find out and maybe join in.

That done, here is my desk, this was taken tuesday evening.
In the middle  (actually they are all over the place) are some swap books i am doing ... time flies.

On the left is a pile of beading magazines, I am looking for ideas to make a necklace for Saturday's wedding..... yes this saturday ..... mad or what.

This was my desk earlier when I had just finished the menu place settings for said wedding.
The easels on the back can be removed so they can be used as a bookmark afterwards.
D2 and Matt are huge book lovers!!!

They have geckos and hearts stamped on the back.
Anyway I may not get to too many desks this week .... necklace to make !!
see ya.....! if you leave a comment thanks
p.s. dont you just love the writing on the mug? ... that's me alright
bed time !


  1. Wow those Menus look amazing is this for your wedding?
    Did you use a Tim die for your easel?
    Have a wonderful day creating happy WOYWW from #16

    1. No, it is my daughters wedding and yes it is Tim's die

  2. Great job on the menu's for the wedding, All standing up looking like proud soilders on prade , just lovely. happy crafting jill #28

  3. The menu cards look great and best of luck with the beading by Satuday.
    Sandra @23

  4. What a fabulous job on the menu cards! Love your work area, too. :)

  5. I couldn't read the last part of the writing on the mug, but the little menu stands are just fantastic! Have fun at the wedding and I hope your beading turns out in time! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all the rain will have fallen by Saturday and the sun shines for you!! Hope you have a fabulous day with your family...with your new necklace, of course :D
    Hugs, LLJ #59 xx

  7. Goodness lots going on in your craft room this week! Hope you have a lovely day on Saturday x Sharon #79

  8. I love the menu cards! Great idea to double purpose them so they can be used as a bookmark or be kept as a memento! Have a great time at the wedding this weekend! Vickie #87

  9. The menue cards are fab. Good luck with the necklace and have a wonderful time at the wedding. #10

  10. You done a great job on the menu cards. Hope that you have a blessed day.
    Melissa #38

  11. Busy, Busy lady you are. Great idea for the menu cards.
    Krisha #40

  12. Your wedding menu cards are fabulous - your desk is soo busy - I can imagine! I had a big laugh reading the writing on the mug - I have power surges too ha, ha!!!
    Lots of hugs,

  13. Tags as tablecards are one of the cutest ideas I've ever seen! Your desk really looks like a business--love it. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at #11

  14. Love those place setting cards! Very cute!

    Katie (25)

  15. Well done Janet, the name place tags are sublime, great idea, and all ready!! as for still choosing jewellery to MAKE..madness! Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll pull it off, and I just know that Saturday will be wonderful, hope you have a chance to take it all in. Don't forget we'll want photos!!

  16. Wow Janet, what alot of goodies for the wedding, hope you have a lovely time. Happy WOYWW! Gillian #67

  17. Those tags are fabulous...what a great idea. Love the little easels!
    Lots going on there but i think you like to keep busy!

  18. I must not be a real woman, I am totally having hot flashes, not power surges. I wish I could get some power from them but they make me so cranky that probably I'd only be able to twist people's necks with that power so probably it is better the way it is.

    WOW! That sure is something to see all the wedding menu easels standing around. We certainly understand why you've been busy. Best get cracking on that necklace! I'm glad I'm not the only one who believes in the last minute.

  19. Those place cards are cute! Tamika #34

  20. Love all your mini shelves, those menu bookmarks are such a clever idea. Yes you are mad hahaha

    Bridget #3


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