Tuesday, 18 September 2012

WOYWW 172 Happy christmas?

Happy Wednesday everyone

Time once again to go leaping around the world looking at lots of interesting crafty places 
Julia Dunnit started all this silliness, take a look and join us if you dare!

I have two desks to show  this week, first my messy desk is ...well messy, masks and painted bats and pumpkins ready for a halloween display at work.
not sure I have seen many bats with wobbly eyes!! first time for everything.

My main desk is a bit boring as I am still doing wedding stuff but cannot show it  yet.
There is just a few bits.... oh there  are a couple of dorset button things I am working on for a workshop / display, it's getting towards the 'busy time' at work.
 Now that reminds me.

Can I ask you all a question? 
This is not intended as advertising, call it market research.
When is it too early to advertise Christmas crafts in a shop window?
A couple of weeks ago the store I work in had such a window, it was fab, it looked like a work room with lots of sewing and crafty stuff going on.
Our windows are well known in Winchester . . . .  this is last years very similar window. Someone wrote to the  local paper  complaining that it was ridiculous  and far too early,  what do you all think? 

Anyway that said  I've shown you mine, time to look at yours.
 If you are kind enough to comment  please  include your Mr Linky no. so I can find you.
 I wonder how many desks stuffed full of Christmassy things I will see on my travels. Agh! who cares anyway, I made quite a few of my cards in January (sad or what?).
see ya
janet aka fairy thoughts


  1. November is fine by me:D lots of fab Hallowe'en stuff too! shame we don't do it as much as the folks over the pond do but nevermind, thanks for sharing those fab desks too
    Lisa #40

  2. It's always a problem for some people, but it does remind you that Christmas is not too far away. I know my Christmas craft stuff won't go on display until November, but I have limited space to work with. Personally I would think a Halloween window would be perfect right now! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. well i suppose you can always choose to ignore the christmas displays but some of the shops here now are stocking xmas stuff and if you have a large family always good to be organised early :)
    your halloween stuff is looking good
    have a super woyww
    kay #56

  4. re. xmas displays - any time after halloween, i reckon. i know i just blank it all out before then :)
    looks like you're on a halloween crafting binge with all the orange and black...
    happy WOYWW!
    no. 67

  5. Late October for me! People will know you'll have the festive stuff in earlier...Julia and I were looking at the Christmas fabrics when we were in C&H a couple of weeks ago! That 4mm organza ribbon I bought has been used a lot in making's fun to thread glittery beads on, looks ever so pretty!!
    HUgs, LLJ #75 xx

  6. Lovely busy desk there - I make a few of my Christmas cards in January too (still in the Christmas spirit I guess!) - I would say after Halloween for Christmas but as we dont sell much Halloween stuff in England then now is fine for Christmas (particularly as its lovely crafty stuff!). Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 68

  7. I have to agree with Claire, after Halloween is good for me as so many things going on I don't think about Christmas till after then.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x x#7

  8. I love all things Halloween. enjoy making your bats they look fab so far. happy crafting jill #75

  9. Well I'm working on Christmas bows on my desk. Anyone who complains isn't a crafter! A shopping trip to Winchester is called for, methinks. :)
    Lovely to visit your workdesk.
    Sue x (MiniOwner #86)

  10. As soon as halloween is over for windows i think, although i love all things christmas!!!
    Love all the Halloween bits your making
    Jackie 30

  11. Love the goodies hanging on your clothesline! I can't wait to start on my Christmas cards. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36

  12. If its crafty stuff people need to still make, I say round about October. Just plain old decorations and gifts? Please spare us till November.
    Love the desks and bats with googly eyes? I think they might be gratefull to finally be able to see. LOL
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #46

    1. The window was a definate making window with fabric advent calendars etc, we usually get asked for them from the middle of August

  13. November is fine, they've been selling xmas cards here for weeks and now the xmas chocs are sneaking in too. Hugs pam 83

  14. End of October for me. I don't want to look at anything festive until then, I like to hold onto Summer as long as I can. I spotted the Christmas stuff in the Supermarket last week!!!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #93

  15. I think as long as it is after Halloween, I am ok with it :)
    Anything before is just too early for me personally.
    I remember the days when Christmas didn't really start showing up until around Thanksgiving.
    But everything is so commercial now.
    There is stuff going up in stores already!
    I guess that is good though for people who like to shop ahead :)
    Mary Jo #115

  16. I think for general shops it should be after Halloween, but for craft stores I don't think you can be too early - so many of us start our Christmas cards in the summer (I usually do mine in August!) Sharon #72

  17. I'm with Sharon--if it were a regular store, with regular stuff, that would be too early. But crafters, we need that head start, so as far as I'm concerned, you could do a Christmas window in July!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #143
    utterly shameless this week . . .

  18. Hi again, Janet. Pop back to my blog from Nov 1st when I take part in a Christmas Countdown, I'll be posting the origami bow instructions then. I'll let you know if I am in Winchester. :o)
    Sue x

  19. I wish they would wait at least until after Halloween. It just seems so commercial when it is done so early. And that is just my opinion. Great desk by the way and thanks for stopping by my blog. #21

  20. I try to hold out as long as possible! 137# Tamika

  21. Janet you work in a craft shop, you're supposed to say "yes, rush out and buy the die, you'll love it!!". Cutting the pennants out by hand is just way too sensible, lol! Generally I wouldn't want to see CHristmas stuff before November in the stores, but as other have said, if you're trying to encourage people to buy craft items in order to make christmas gifts then they're going to need more time and might need the early reminder to get on with it! Damned if you do and damned if you don't by the sounds of it though!!

    Brenda 1

  22. Well, it looks like a craft store so to have Christmas stuff already on display isn't crazy. People do like to get a head start on gifts, decorations, etc.. now for regular stores...I would say after Halloween. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with googly eyes on bats. :-) I like googly eyes, think they are cute! Brigita #122

  23. Hi there Janet,
    Mm, think the question you ask will vary with everyone you ask! Anyone who says "hey, I dont like it!" is not wanting to face it. But here I confess dont like it more than three months out and technically three months out is 25.9.12 so would not want it before then at very earliest but really mid Oct is fine by me.

    That said looking at your window there it looks like you are getting ready for the season not that the season is here so that would not worry me; as I start from one Christmastime to next often in January as we have long summer hols then and the impetus after previous rush always gets me making half my Christmas cards then!!
    Long winded reply, huh! love your desk and the window, too! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #35

  24. Well - it's tricky isn't it, because if you're selling craft stuff for people to make their Christmas cards/decorations/presents, then they need to get it nice and early in order to get things done...

    Generally I'm a manic "stick to December" person (I know - crazily wishful thinking - but we do 24th December - 6th January at home with Christmas decorations... the official "12 days of Christmas", so I'm actually already compromising by accepting the whole of December!!!), but I do agree with Shaz that this looks like preparation not decoration, and anyway it's such an amazingly decorated window that I'd probably forgive you!

    Long enough comment now - just a quick belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  25. I am firmly of the opinion that there should be nothing Christmassy up until after Halloween. It's just plain silly that it gets earlier and earlier.... LOL A fabric shop in Salisbury has interior displays that are of a Christmas theme but that's not so bad as it's not in your face...hehehe...

    You asked about Dominos - the sort of altering I'm doing at the crop involves stamping with Stazon ink, so they need to have a perfectly smooth surface. Generally speaking, the ivory coloured plastic ones are best - I've not yet seen smooth black dominos, usually only the textured ones, and unfortunately, if that is what you have, they won't work. Hope that helps!?

    Thanks for stopping by this week...Sorry I'm so late getting round to everyone, but better late than never...

  26. Hi Janet,

    Firstly, I'm sorry that I'm just now getting here for a visit! It'll all start again in a couple of days and I'm hoping I'll have my act together.....

    About the window display. If it's examples of projects to be made for Christmas then I don't think it's too early. But, if it's Christmas items for sale then I would think any time before Halloween is too early. I was in Hobby Lobby weekend before last and they already had their Christmas decorations out.

    See you soon!


  27. I'm just now getting around to visiting... The windows! If you are advertising things to make for Christmas then it isn't too early--in fact it is getting on kind of late. If it is just for Christmas decorations to buy I would say right after Halloween/end of October.

    And I think it is okay if the bats have wobbly eyes because don't they use sonar or something to fly around? You don't have to worry about fitting little bat glasses or anything.


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