Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WOYWW 182 back on track.... well I thought I was !

Wednesday again so soon ????
yep, it is an time again to have a good nosey around the workdesks of the world via head teacher Julia. stamping-ground.
Well I would love to show my desk BUT apparently I have used up my free allowance for photos. This is great because I didn't even know I had any. I'm not going to pay for more space as Google gets enough money as it is, so there.... not sure what to do now .... can anyone help?
 I tried to delete some picture from old posts but it didn't help. Is Google+ like facebook and is it safe? will it help?

Here is an old and 'strange' photo from my picasa album which I am obviously allowed to still use.

Needless to say my desk doesn't look like this at the moment.

It is FULL of stuff I have finally started to work on for Christmas.
But as I cannot show it I might as well go peep at some pictures of your desk
Me thinks the easiest thing to do would be start another blog 'fairy thoughts2' or would someone from google track me down and cut my hands off!! please watch this space and don't leave me


  1. Well that's a good quick way to tidy up your desk! It looks great.
    I'm sure you'll get good help via the WOYWW network as a few others had the same problems last week and sorted it with the help that flooded in.
    Love Jo x

  2. Interesting! I wondered to myself what in the world has happened to your desk! Looked bare and as if you had been robbed! Hope Google gets straightened out soon cause I am hearing a lot of complaints from posting comments to posting photos! Not good to play with die hard craft blogs! WOYWW isn't up yet but thought I would post anyway. Have a great week. Vickie

  3. Aw, I get this often, just click on the link and go in and delete pictures you don't think you may have some on your blog that will disappear, but also others that you don't use on your blog...I did... delte and give your self some more space..if you do delete any you need on your blog, you can always pop them back, although you may find the add link things might go picture-less, but I've only found a few old posts do that...any way!! nice tidy old desk this week...I shoulda done that! HaPpY WoYwW! ((Lyn)) #28

  4. Well, I paid £4 and got shed loads more photo space. You'd pay that for a coffee in Costa - this lasts longer!
    LLJ #32 xx

  5. I have seen this comment a lot recently. I am expecting it to hit me too soon, but see that LLJ found the extra cost £4 so that's not too bad... Have a great day - hope to see some live pictures soon!!! Helen, 8

  6. Wow lovely tidy there! will imagine it full of crafty goodyness though! I get this message frequently too and just do the same as Spyder and go into the picasa storage folder and delete old pictures although it does take ages - might cave in and pay the £4 if I have to keep doing it! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #25

  7. Migrate your blog to Wordpress! I have been blogging since 2009 and my stats tell me

    You are currently using 282.9 MB out of 3.0 GB upload limit (9%).

    It's different to blogger, esp. in the way it handles the theme/decoration, but I think the interface is fab, easy, and flexible.

    Having said that, if you want to stay on blogger/blogspot, then you should be able to do FT2. Although if the OLD blog does not get used, I imagine Google will cull it in time, which means you lose all the posts. I suppose if you post with no photos regularly (once a month maybe?) that might keep them from deleting it

    £4 seems reasonable but that is PER MONTH so if you carry on for another 2 years, for example, you will end up paying almost £100. And if it goes up after you hit the next threshold, what then? Ohh hark at me...all cheap and crying out doom and gloom and glass half empty! :)

    I'm sure you'll sort it in any case.

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (9)

  8. Ah I had the same & now pay £1.86 mth for my extra space. Seems to be the only way if you don't want to delete loads of pics. I tried that but it only got rid of so much. Deleting really old posts may help too but then there's no going back once they've gone I suppose. I think it's going to happen to everyone at some point, I guess we only get 'free' for so long! I have coffee & I'm off to snoop! Take care Zo xx 45

  9. Heck I didn't know there was a limit - what a pain! Hope you get sorted soon, J. I was wondering about moving over to Wordpress but am reluctant to leave behind my followers. Anyway, Happy Wednesday. :)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@41)

  10. I had that happen and thought deleting some pics off my blog would help, but have to go into Picasso and delete them out of there, which takes like forever! But, hey, now I can keep posting pictures for awhile. :) I don't know if that helps you any but I hope it does, at least for a little while...oh and google+ seems like no big deal, but you have to use your real name and for some reason they don't think Queen Lightwell is my *real* name. Weird, huh? :) Deeyll #62

  11. I really hope blogger sorts itself out soon cos I think there are lots out there with the same problem.
    A x #42
    ps I'm hoping you will 'like' us and share us with your friends. [check out my blog for more info]

  12. Hello!! I wrote about this problem and I do recommend buying space - it is 2,99 $ which is really nothing and you get a load of space and don't have to worry about it at all! Some say this thing just goes away but I doubt it will! I haven't tried the Google + , some say that helps - maybe you should go for that if you don't want to pay! Ha, ha I just like to show off my photos so I payed! :-)
    You know we can't not have you write the blog! You are woyww so you have to post!!!
    Lots of hugs,

  13. Cor that desk scared me till I read the rest of the post! So pleased to hear it's full of Christmasy things. Didn't know about the limited space issue either, makes you wonder what's next? Elizabeth xxx

  14. I upload my photos through google+ as they have a larger free storage. I don't do anything else through google+ and it seems to be safe. I have the settings set to private so no one can see the photos on google+ only when I upload them to my blog.
    Happy Wednesday,

  15. What a pain. Will be interested to hear what the solution is. I haven't hit this problem but always better to know the answer before you get there!

  16. I've heard of a number of blogger in this same situation over the last couple of weeks, strikes me as very odd that everyone has reached their limit all at the same time! Nice to see what your desk would look like though if you weren't always busy.

    Brenda 94

  17. Ah, blasted internet. Why can't stuff like this stay free forever?! Did you polish that desk? Lucy #22 xxx

  18. Re the gingerbread men... Gt it for a song from a friend so if you want some cutting I ll send you some when I get home from Germany. Tell me how many and what colours..patterned or plain. I've made snowy ones blu white and snowflake designs, Spotty and striped, trad colours etc., white ones are good for children to colour their own too. I can cut 4at once so it is so easy and quick.
    Jo x.

  19. I had the same issue but decided to pay the couple of dollars a month instead of starting a new blog. If you do start one, make sure you leave a big note for all of us. I didn't see your address in my file for swapping Christmas cards, so send me your address:
    Make sure to put Christmas card swap in the subject line so I don't accidently delete you :)
    waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  20. Hi there, I use Google+, as I was running out of space, and you get masses more than you do with Picasa. I also paid for an upgrade on Google+, which gives me an extra 20gig of storage space and costs $5.75 ( english equivalent £3.58) for a year. So I figured that wasn't a rip off price. HTH,Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #98

  21. Pink gb men it is for Erin... Will do them when I get back from Germany and you don't owe me anything.. I!ve got to tell you though that I did lots of pink ones for DD1s craft fairs as it,s for Brighton !!! Need I say more!!?? I know a few guys who would love them so we thought we,d give it a go!
    Jo x

  22. I had the same issue a couple of months ago and I am hearing of quite a few bloggers with the same issue including Delores. After pondering over it for a few days trying to find answers I just got my card out and paid the $2.99 as the thought of trying to faff to make photos fit in the requirements filled me with dread! Alternatively I could have changed to Wordpress or something. Nah!
    Thanks for calling by

  23. well you look very organised but what is a life album I don't think I have seen one of these before
    janet #26

    1. Doh how did that happen I was commenting on anoher blog.... must go to bed now !!!!

  24. Huh I use wordpress and have lots of space. Do you resize your Lix to 600 dpi before uploading? The full size files could eat up space in a hurry. Good luck! Lindsay#86

  25. Hi Janet,

    Funny, I used my free allotment of photos also. I just signed up for the $2.95/month allowance. Someone said you can shrink the size of the photos but I don't know how to do that.

    The BG lunch box was part of some blog candy that I won. I absolutely love it. And should post about winning the candy -- it was a while back.

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around.....


  26. Hi Janet, to reduce your photos under 800 pixels on your Photoshop or wherever you upload to on your computer. I use Window Live Photo gallery, which is a free download and is really great.
    ... and I just re-size all my photos on that,( by right clicking on photo I want, and choosing resize and making it 800 or less - it is one step action and so very easy peasy )- when looked up my usage had used hardly any - what I understand if they are under 800 then they are accepted - read it on another blog - cant remember where now.
    Hope your are back soon? Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #1

  27. Oh how nice and clean your desk is! I am enviousness. Thanks for visiting me this week and for your lovely comment.

  28. ooh, I had no idea there was an allowance, or even how you find out what you have used (I cannot see it under 'stats'). Must admit I use picasa free off the internet and it automatically resizes the photos for me when I save them, and adds a watermark.

    Hope you manage to sort it out.
    Thanks for visiting my desk


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