Saturday, 26 April 2014

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I have been making these brooches to add on my folksy shop. The question I have is how much to charge? 
Theatricals don't cost that much probably about 40-50p but they take a while to make about 2-3 hours which with minimum wage would cost about £14 to me that seems a lot even though each piece is an original piece of art. 

suggestions on a post card please lol
I'm linking to Neets making challenge this week


  1. My suggestion would be to have a search on Folksy for similar items, see what they charge and go with an average that you're happy with. Too expensive and people won't buy, but too cheap and you undervalue yourself and your skills. It's a tricky one.

  2. These are very beautiful and just right for our challenge at Artful Times this week.Thank you for joining in with us.

    I haven't a clue how much to say you should charge as I make my brooches for charity and ask them to get what they can for them. Don't under value what you make as they are special and also don't forget to add the cost of the postage as that can be expensive.

    Good Luck

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Lovely brooches, I especially love the bird one. Thank you for joining us on Artful Times.

  4. Oh gosh, I am hopeless at pricing! I used to do special cakes, set off at £20 and by the time I got there it was more like £12. That is why I gave up making cakes (like 21sts and wedding cakes etc). Ended up working for 10 p an hour. I'd do as Fiona suggested and have a look around.
    In the meantime - those are lovely, gorgeous finish to them. Thanks for joining us at Artful Times - Hugs, Neet xx

  5. They are just fabulous. the combination of the two mediums work together so well :)
    Thank you for sharing them with us at Artful times
    Von x☺x


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