Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hi Desk hoppers
Back again for another episode of the weekly blog hop that is........ 'what's on your workdesk Wednesday' ..... well it is Wednesday isn't it ? Julia at the  stamping-ground.  has all the details.... as usual.
Last week I was a little poorly so didn't visit very many desks so apologies if I didn't get back to you.... I will do better this week..... Promise.
Anyway my desk......

This is my 'messy' side......... back on track with the UFOs ..... handyman's glasses holder, its been unpainted MDF for a year now.... time to change that I think.... but still a work in progress, hopefully it will be finished for next week.

My main desk ...... I had some help with this ..... regular visitors may recognise GD Erin's colour choice for the gecko.
 On the left is the lastest Love sewing magazine....we have a sewing bee competition at work again this year so I had better get my sewing machine out again and get sewing.... but what to make?
Last week I did finish one thing ...... a tapestry door mat I started about 10 years ago..... don't be too impressed.

It's not that big........ dolls house you know!
well that's mine for this week........ I will pop over and see yours if you leave a comment and your Linky number. Have a great week. Its the  first day of lent today so no chocolate or sweets for me for the next 6 weeks, wish me luck!
janet......... aka fairythoughts.


  1. Sorry to hear you've not been well Janet , glad your feeling much better now & getting on with your ufo's. Love the colours you've chosen for the holder. Happy woyww Jill #11

  2. I reckon it's pretty impressive that small! hope you're feeling better and find something to sew for your work sewing bee... Helen #6

  3. Fun post...glad to know others have a few old unfinished projects. Makes me feel like I can catch up !!! Have a lovely week

  4. I haven't got my usual day with the twins today as it's half term hols here but I'm off for a fun few hours with all 5 of my Grandies at Amy's later so am catching up with my fav blogs before I go. :-)
    It's good to hear you're feeling better this week Janet. There are so many bugs around at the mo. Roll on Spring eh? Good luck with the show us what you decide to make.
    Annie x #22

  5. That made me giggle a door mat for a dolls house, love it. I visited a small village in the hills a few weeks ago and it had the most brilliant dolls house. I should post about it one day. Oh that MDF piece looks nice love the colours you have painted it in. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #2

  6. Great feeling getting all those UFO's completed and I do love a welcome mat. Very sweet.
    sandra de @3

  7. Hi Janet, lolled at the doormat! Hope you are feeling a bit better now too. Good luck with both the sewing bee, and the chocolate! Erin does love her pink, doesn't she? Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

  8. Hope you are feeling better this week. Had to laugh at the doormat, it's fantastic. Good Luck with the sewing bee sounds like fun.
    Hugs Lisax #41

  9. I think the pink for the gecko is a perfect choice :) I have never actually seen a pink one but I am sure they are around somewhere. That tiny doormat looks like alot of eye straining work to me.. Happy WOYWW Shel-PaperOctilloStudio #42

  10. That miniature door mat is precious with the dog on it. I used to help my girls make miniature accessories for their dollhouse when they were little, but never anything this complex. Happy WOYWW!

  11. Woo! Good job finishing up that 10-year old project! How sweet that it is a miniature. Great job with your other projects. Judy #57

  12. Love that teensy door mat!I adore small things too, but couldn't have done your door mat for the life of me.Clever you. A ten year project completed.Now that's impressive. I usually throw away stuff that's not finished after about a year rs.The guilt gets to me!
    Judy x

  13. Well impressed with the tiny doormat. Hope you start to feel better soon.
    Hugs, Neet 26 xx

  14. Your little door mat is so sweet, any dolls house would be proud to have that at the front door. Love the colours on your ufo.
    Have a great week,
    Von #5

  15. I also have a messy space separate from my not so messy space. Enjoyed the visit, thx for sharing. Pat #67

  16. Great dolls house door mat-really cute.

    I too had one of those MDF holder things....I used book pages to cover it and my mum uses to to store remote controls in (I don't think that is was it was intended for, but it works fine)!
    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    Kyla #13


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