Tuesday, 24 February 2015

WOYWW 299 there will be coffee and flapjacks

Hi Deskers
Happy Wednesday everyone ready for some serious snooping.... well maybe serious isn't the right word.... funny, amazing, awesome, inspiring, messy, organised.... blah blah blah  ..... that's more like it. Hop over to Julia's  stamping-ground. for all the details.
Anyway my desk this week is seeing some action.... I'm on holiday from work .... so there's time to get to grips with the UFOs

Lets see what we have shall we .... Day of the dead style skull being painted I am going to add some paper flowers along the top too. 
A beach hut money box will be blue and white.... tomorrow possibly.
Water pot with brushes and the  mini sprayers on the right have just been cleaned out and now spray properly.
Not sure what the scissors are doing there ..... only just noticed them. 
Can you tell I like Bendicks Bittermints .... the boxes are a very useful shape for storing pens. I can see at least 2
So  with spare time and lots of UFOs to do what  any compulsive crafter do..... 

Start something new of course..... well a girls got to do vary things a bit . Lots of work to do me this space........ now it qualifies as a UFO doesn't it ... he he. 
Here's something finished from last week.... the MDF holder from last week....

 I think it is intended for remote controls but Handyman keeps his glasses and memory sticks in it .... but not his memory .... that's somewhere else!
I also had a little play with my Brusho paints, the colours are amazing.

 I love the background on  this card for my Niece....    HOTP die and matching stamp (free in a couple of magazines last month). 

Handyman is on holiday too, so not sure how much more playing I will do.
There is bound to be a bit of  sitting around chatting..... coffee and flapjacks might feature a bit too.... and why not?
see you at your place later........ Ooo if anyone is going to Make It at Farnborough this Saturday ..... I may see you there .... you'll recognise me...... I will be carrying a bit bag of future UFOs.


  1. Love the brusho card! Hope you enjoy Farnborough, I won't be there, but am going to Stevenage onSunday! (more UFO's ...) Helen #5

  2. Love the brusho work - yes, I got that die and stamp too - it's lovely. I like the way you have decorated the holder - it looks really inviting.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  3. I'm grabbing a few minutes while my munchkins are enjoying a book together to visit a few of my fav bloggy friends....and you're one of those. 😃
    I really love the colours of the card you used for your niece and I could really use a box to keep my memory in 😃
    Annie x #19

  4. gorgeous card, and i am interested to see what your beach house looks like in the end as i have not long finished 2 MDF houses am tempted to create a village :)
    Happy WOYWW
    love Mrs C.x #30

  5. Why not two are like ships in the night on work days, so coffee and flapjacks will be like a date!! I love the MDF box - what a fab finish youve given that..did you paint it freehand? And of course, I'm liking your style missus, starting something - just to be finished!

  6. I love your beautiful card - the colours are so vibrant - I've recently invested in some Brusho's, they're great aren't they! Love the MDF holder, I really like the woodland design. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #33

  7. The remote holder looks brilliant. I love the woodland theme. Have fun at the craft show.

    Fiona #35

  8. Hi Janet, love the MDF holder. We have that many remotes, I'd need one the size of a bookcase, lol. Haven't tried out my Brusho's yet, but love how the die & stamp set work together so well. Have to get mine out now. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #18 xx

  9. Ha, I can almost 'see' you walking with a big bag full of future UFOs... * grin* At least you cleaned your water pot and spray bottles... something I should do too. Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #41

  10. Love the bright colours of the Brusho paints! They're fun, love the card you've made. The memory holder is fab too....I think I'd need considerably bigger box in which to keep mine though!! Lol. Have fun finding more UFOs at the fair :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  11. So much fun on your workdesk! I just love candy boxes that can be upcycled for something else too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #41

  12. I have been wanting to try those brusho paints. That background looks awesome. Love the box for misc. things project...turned out great!Have a creative week:) Shel-PaperOcotilloStudio #51

  13. LOL! You'll be carrying the big bag of future UFOs. You are a hoot! Lots happening in your place and good for you for using up the UFOs. I still haven't trashed mine but that option is available. I'm just barely getting over this cold so that is top priority right now. Hopefully I can get some playing in soon! Judy #67

  14. Love the feather stamp and die, I have that one but haven't got round to using it yet.
    The brusho paint background is very effective too.
    Have a great woyww, Angela x 60

  15. Love the feather card. I know what you mean about the other half being on holiday - mine was last week, for the school half term, and nothing got done - except a lot more eating than my Weight Watchers leader would approve of!! Happy WOYWW, Chris # 21

  16. I got those feathers in the mag - only use they have had so far was to make a a golden snitch for HP night. Love all those UFOs! I have just recalled that I tidied mine into a box before Christmas.......... and they are still there. And now joined by the Christmas UFO's which I put away earlier in the week as I reasoned two weeks into 2015 they probably weren't going to get finished..... Thank you for the earlier comment, I'm late catching up as usual, hope your time off was well spent, whether it was waffling or crafting!! Cindy x

  17. Janet, interesting projects on your desk! Good for you off for a holiday! Thank you for visiting me earlier, and as for us kayaking at our age(69 & 71): we almost died doing it! LOL
    But you know it was on my husband's bucket list!

  18. Love the card.That background is great! Thanks for the visit.
    Judy #12

  19. A great background to your feather card. I have a set of Brusho, I must get them out again. Thanks for the visit.

  20. Thank you for visiting my page. I got a little behind doing other things. But now I've been able to sit down and read what you have been upto.
    Time off work is great for finishing jobs, unless you start another one, lol. I love the colours on that card for your niece. I haven't got any Brushos but they are definitely gorgeous.
    Have a good week off and I hope you do a few more UFOs,

  21. Lots of great projects going on here. Thank you for your lovely comment, and for your good wishes re tomorrow's operation. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back in circulation again. I've updated my Cancer Diary page with today's events. It was certainly great to meet up with Shaz - she is such an encouragement to me!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #42

  22. Great post, love the feather card and box :)

  23. The MDF holder turned out fabulously! Love it all. A holiday from work is the perfect time to start something new!

    brenda lee #68

  24. Thank you for your lovely comment, Janet, and for your very kind and encouraging words. Unfortunately I am still here - we were well down the track to my admission yesterday and was suddenly told that there wasn't a High Dependency Unit bed available for me, so the operation has been postponed. No date yet. See my Cancer Diary page for full details. I'm feeling a lot better today but was a total wreck yesterday...


  25. Ooh! Lots and lots to see! Loving that tree image along the side of the doodad holder and the brusho on the card is just gorgeous. I keep seeing mention of brusho but am not totally sure what it is.

    Thanks for coming to see me already - internet is playing relatively nicely today so am catching up quickly :D

    Carmen x #46

  26. Coffee and flapjacks I missed the celebration maybe there will be some soon. Love your mdf box such an amazing finish and that background on that card is incredible. Sorry I am returning your visit so late I am trying to sort it all out and then this week need attending too.

    Hug Eliza & Yoda
    Belated WOYWW greetings.


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