Sunday, 14 June 2009

back in business

hi world

well it is a couple of weeks since my hols ( we had a brilliant time, good company, food, booze weather and places, what more could you want), so i thought i should start blogging again.

so here goes;

i have been busy doing lots of crafty stuff lately, here are some pictures

the top 2 pics are greetings cards
the flowers are stamped and coloured in with sakura pens. the lady picture is a bookmark which can be removed and used. the fairy is from butterfly kisses and my favouite stamp at the moment
the bottom 2 pictures are covered books. i am really into the books at the moment, the blue one has beads sewn on in spiral patterns ( cannot see in picture) and the purple one has irridescent flower sequins sewn on. the 3 smaller ones are just fabric covered.
i have been persuaded to have a table at a local craft morning, so they will be for that, if they dont sell then i am all set for christmas (what a thought and much too organised for me!!!)


  1. wow i love the top 2 cards, they are great well done

  2. Another busy week then! Great work.

  3. thanks sarah
    are you the sarah from the felt workshop the other weekend if so thanks and i hope you enjoyed the day. welcome to my blog.

  4. hi janet,
    no i wasn't on the felt weekend :(, where abouts was it??? i just stumbled across your blog while blogg hopping like you do!!

    keep up the good work and hopefully talk again soon


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