Wednesday, 24 June 2009

its amazing what you find at the bus stop

hi world,

here are some earring i made with something i found at the bus stop in spain. the bus stop was next to a pine wood. i thought these large pine nut cases looked interesting so i picked several up, you know as a crafter, as you do !

when i got home i intended to varnish them and make them into earrings, a tricky fiddly job i thought.

then i remembered vicky had given me some UTEE to try. brilliant, it was so easy.

i drilled a small hole in the top to put a ring through then i brushed on embossing fluid. i then dipped them in the UTEE, shook off the excess and heated them, i dipped them 2 more times and i was really pleased with the results. the first one was a little bubbly (i think i over heated a bit) but the second was better. they have a lovely shine.

now i love UTEE too


  1. Great find and they look fab!

    Thank you for a lovely day today at the Workshop, I really loved it.


  2. I followed the link on Karen's (above) blog to find you. I think it's a great idea using the pine nuts for earrings. I know exactly what you mean about picking stuff up ... I do it all the time. My husband calls it "picking up dog ends" - he just doesn't understand LOL :o)



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