Tuesday, 26 January 2010

happy holidays

i am on holiday from work this week, it is so horrible and cold out that i think i will jusy stay at home and craft!!!! good idea! my hubby is off too so i won't be crafting  all the time, (some one has to make the coffee!).

anyway the first thing i have done is finish a waistcoat i was knitting, i was very pleased with the result, it had a crochet edging which i had not done before.
 i didin't have any buttons that matched (but hundreds that didn't) so i decided to cover some with utee. it was brilliant.
 i loved them, they are quite lumpy, but in a good way. the picture is not brilliant.

 the utee is actually cosmic shimmer in a copper colour. the button was flat so i stamped on top with a swirl stamp.  i inked  it with stazon green  and pressed it on the button while it was still warm. the only down side was, it was quite tricky holding the shank of the button with tweezers
so i didn't burn my fingers!

tomorrow i am going to start my christmas cards, yes i did say christmas cards!!!

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  1. They look fab! Very clever idea, can I get a close up when you are back at work?!


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