Sunday, 31 January 2010

holiday stuff from threads magazine

this week i saw a lovely article in threads magazine using a weaving technique. i have done weaving before but not quite like this. the loom is made from a cheap (99p shop) box canvas. i hammered nails into the back of the frame, as the frame is made from really soft wood it was really easy to make, you could even just push pins in if  you dont have nails. the piece in the magazine was used to decorate a bag and was very pretty.

i used a selection of odd bits of wool and threads,  i started off in the middle  and used the first thread to make the curved shape and them ever thing else followed after, changing shape as i went. the process is a bit like woven tapestry  as you actually work from the back, so you dont know what it is going to look like until it is finished and off the 'loom'.
when it was finished i backed it with vylene to hold it all together.

a couple of things i would have done differently is not use the onange  weft threads and  maybe make the sky a bit smaller and try and keep the edges a bit more even, this is difficult because the threads are all different thicknesses..... still next time !!!

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