Tuesday, 12 January 2010


well here is my space on sunday evening. There has to be some good points to the snowy weather. . .  there is, staying in all afternoon to play with paper and sticky stuff.

My daughter amy and i have decided after all that christmas excess (mostly chocolate), we need to loose a few pounds . . 14actually but whos counting. i decided to make a chart to motivate us and to see how we are doing.
i had the idea from some motifs in the last issue of cardmaking and papercrafts magazine. Here is the result.
The picture in the middle says "SHRED POUNDS".
The leaves are stuck onto a stamped stalk, one for each lb we are going to loose!! the flowers are also stamped as is the border at the bottom.
there are 14 tiny gecko's which amy can add to her plant when she looses a lb, mine are little yellow flowers, wish us luck , i think we are going to need it.

PS i tidied up after i took this picture!!!!


  1. Love this Janet, it is such a great idea. I need to loose several pounds too! Far too many chocolates, and chip butties! lol If I had a chart like this in the kitchen it might motivate me, only might! :-) Good luck! Your crafting space is very tidy. Lynne x

  2. What a brilliant idea, might do that myself, having to loose loads of lbs. lol xx


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