Tuesday, 26 October 2010

atc 's everywhere

hi world
today i decided i must get on with making the atc's for the uk stampers group.
i managed about 4 on sunday and today i made a few more today, here are some of them

it is hard to get started on these  with no ideas so i decided to have a theme. i joined the group at the artisan show so i thought i would only use the stamps i brought there . . simples!
the pink one and the hummingbird i didn't buy there, but i made them before i decided.
the buiding stamp is from crafty individuals,
the theme was sunset.

the next theme i choose was post cards. this is from a stamp set from germany which only cost about £4, brilliant value. the stamp of the lady is one i made with my new imagepac clear stamp maker  . .  it's brilliant much better than the old one, much easier to use. the 'stamps' are real postage stamps. only about another 15 to do.

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