Tuesday, 19 October 2010

on my desk on tuesday

hi world this is on my desk today
no i'm not trying to copy the  other blog ' whats on my workdesk wednesday'.
it's just that tuesday is my day off so i usually manage to get some crafting done or at least started
when i went to the artisan show i joined uk stampers, so now i have lots of atc's and embossing books to make.

it was  a bit daunting to start with as there is a lot to do at the begining, but i think i have sorted it now, here is some of the stuff i have done.
these are are the embossing books,
this is how it works;  i decorate a stamped and embossed image on the front of the book  for a each member and also enclose an undecorated copy it is then sent off to another member who adds another image and copy.

eventually it is sent to the person it was made for , who gets about 5 new images to use for there own cards etc.
i hope i get better as i go along, when as i have less to do i will have more time

i think this is my favouite so far. it was tempting to make them all the same . .   but that wouldn't be as much fun , now would it
see ya

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