Saturday, 30 October 2010

yet more atc's

hi world
well i have been busy making atc's again, but now i have finally finished a book for everyone on the lists (not even thinking of the postage!!!)

The theme here is quite obvious. . . trees, all the stamps I made using my imagepac stamp system, the top 2 were taken at Claverton Manor near Bath.
the bottom 3 are from Eastleigh rec where i live.

These atc's have the theme of giggle, a bit different for me, as they are not really floral like a lot of my stuff is. 
While i was making these my daughter was clearing her room out and she put some stuff in my bin.
One thing was a bra she didn't like. . .  ahh, thinks I,  my next theme, as it is breast cancer month i decided to make some 'think pink' cards using bits from the bra. I think I like these the best, maybe because it is a cause i support. .  pardon the pun! the backing card was rescured from a birthday card.

I'm of to make a card for my mum in law, i think i will try an easel card like the one vicky made me for my birthday.

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  1. Crikey, you are getting ATC mad!! I love the tree ones, your imagepac makes fab stamps. I really like your ingenious idea for your Think Pink ATC's, they are lovely.


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