Wednesday, 24 November 2010

look what i found

on the way to work today, just outside the back door to the shop i saw something on the ground. i couldn't beleive what it was as it was so out of place. . .  a ginko leaf. not what you would expect to see in the middle of winchester, there are no ginko trees in the area. it was quite big for a ginko leaf and dried up. but a great shape.
i have a history with ginko leaves. one of my favourite beaded pieces is my ginko leaf and the  first piece of silver clay  i made was the same. i even saw a tree in toronto earlier in the year.... but it was too high to get a leaf.
anyway it is a lovely shape so i have scanne dit and i am ging to make a stamp of it so lookout for stuff made with the stamp. oh for time at the weekend to do it.
night night
oh here's the picture

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