Friday, 26 November 2010

new handbag; dont think so!

i love handbags!!!

 i mean i really love handbags.

during staff training yesterday, we went to look at gifts on the first floor, (most interestingly handbags!
there was one i really liked . . .  black leather with little leather flowers and diamontes in the middle.
but it was £100 even with 25% off, and my discount it was still too much to justify at the moment, oh well never mind.
 at home today i had an idea to bling up an old boring bag using my new big shot.

i brought some leather pieces in a bag for £1 a while ago, they were a perfect colour.
i used the tim holtz tattered floral die and cut out several flowers .
they were a bit flat so i painted them with golden medium and left them to dry.
when they were nearly dry i heated them with the heat gun, hopefully to make them curl up at the edges. . . they did beautifully.
then i layered them and fixed them to the bag with big brads... luckily there were  holes cut in the surface of the bag so it was really easy.
hey presto instant £75 bag. well nearly!


  1. This looks fantastic! What a brilliant idea. look forward to seeing that next week!


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