Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Hi world and Wednesday peepers
Have a look over at the  stamping-ground
to see what Linda and the rest of the world is upto.
A very quick visit to my desk this week (I still have a necklace to finish for the wedding on saturday).
As you can see there is quite a lot going on here.

In the middle is the card I have just finished for the happy couple.
 It is a bit alternative and not your usual wedding card at all, but as emma is arty I think she will like it.
I think I am about done with wedding stuff! LOL.

I have blogged a bit about drying nails with the heat gun lately (yes I know it might be dangerous). Anyway the gun got it's own back as I was about to make the card. . .  it died ! No, not funny! I managed to borrow one from my mum now I need to get a new one.

Here is the card close up.
The stamp is tweedle dee and tweedle dum from Octopode, I have just brought 2 stamps from them and I love them already.
The backing paper is the same as the invitations but run through a tim holtz texture fade. Then I ran faded cordoroy and sapphire over the top.
The greeting is from papermania, so are the gems in the eyes.

Below is my messy side where I have been painting the letters for the wedding. . . . . . . . . nearly finished, I just have to finish the flower heads on the & and the G.
The table cloths are also white so I had to make a plinth to put them on (bottom right hand side) God I hope Emma doesn't read this before Saturday!!!!

This was supposed to be a quick post and then finish my necklace, so I'm off



  1. That is the funkiest wedding card I've ever seen - fantastic, I love it :) !! Think the painted initials are going to go down a storm too. Hope the wedding goes swimmingly. May the weather be hot and the champagne cold :D xx

  2. love your desk. I might have toi have a go at drying my nails with the heat gun lol

    laura #59

  3. Love your post and the messy place just above looks sooo super and yep sure is lots of fun on that desk, thanks for sharing happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

  4. Oh great stuff - and the wedding day willmake al of the work so worthwhile - the initials are a gorgeous touch, I'm perfectly sure that Emma will be delighted. Love the card, again, pretty sure that we make these things with the bride in mind...boys seem less interested generally!

  5. Great wedding card- really unusual. Happy WOYWW, Shaz

  6. Fabulous card, love the detail. Have a great day on Saturday.


  7. Looks like it's been a busy week. I won't see you before so I hope the Wedding goes wonderfully.

  8. I LOVE that wedding card! Looks like you are super busy, so I won't keep you long!
    Happy belated WOYWW

  9. What a fun wedding card! I'm sure the couple will love it! What a busy desk!

  10. love your desk. love those little drawer thingies, looks like it keeps everything in their place... Thanks for the glimpse. Have a great day.
    ps interesting card.

  11. great looking projects for the wedding. I bet Emma will love the card it is so cute and fun! Thanks for sharing. Vickie


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