Wednesday, 3 August 2011


hi wednesday peepers.

 My, the weeks come around so quickly at the moment dont they (only 10 days to go to the wedding). Maybe that's just me, lol.
 Check out julia dunnit's blog to see what it is all about and have a peek all over the world.
Anyway lots of stuff on my desks again this week.
 In the middle of my desk sadly, is a nail varnish where I have used my heat gun to (very dangerously) dry my nails. I am verrry! carefull, but I really shouldn't do it lol.
On the left hand side is a pattern for a Christmas stocking. . .  we have a competition going on at work to decorate a stocking using our new fabrics.
 They are going to be use as a display in the shop.That is going to be a post wedding project, just enough time I think.
There is also stuff I have not put away from yesterday's grungy monday   project. well there's only so much tidying a girl can do in one day!!!!!

On my mucky side are some letter's for the wedding... definately a work in progress so call back next week to see (hopefully) them finished.

I am going to try and see a few desks but so little time at the moment so apolagies if I dont visit you this week.
happy peeking

ps dont know why or how but i seem to have posted this on last weeks listing . . . .muppet me !!!!


  1. You'll have to let me know when the stocking display is up, then I'll mosey down to Winchester to have a look!! Hope wedding goes well xxxx

  2. Hi ... Arghh, freaking out at the thought of you drying nails with heat gun - nail polish is very flammable you know, hope you move the bottle clear. ....
    Eeek, your gun simply cannot be like mine or there is no way you could do it you would be giving yourself a nail dry with mine, very hot one and have to hold it way from some items. Ah wedding now that looks interesting.
    Thanks for sharing and for popping over, Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Stockings hah! Working in retail, you have noc hoice huh! Will be over to ogle as soon as you tell us they're on display.
    Am with Shaz about the nail varnish drying I must say!

  4. thanks for the peek. Have a great crafting day

  5. Your desk looks very busy. Look foreward to see what the letters gonna be. Good luck with the wedding.
    Bye, Franka.

  6. Second post I have seen about nails...definately time for a manicure LOL
    Thanks for sharing


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