Friday, 19 October 2012

knitting needle case

Hi world
from time to time I like make stuff to sell (hopefully) on e bay, not masses, you know, when the fancy takes me.
 Recently I have sold a couple of knitting needle cases. Unfortunately I haven't kept track of the  ones I have sold very well and re listed the wrong ones. So just for Claire who wants to buy one, here is the correct picture..... hope you like it and it works for you.
Most people who actually know me already know know this...... I AM A MUPPET!
have a great weekend wherever you are



  1. That looks perfect, thanks. I (and my poor stabbed hand) look forward to receiving it, Claire.

  2. I had no idea you were a muppet! I thought you woz a real life human. I'm impressed, a sewing, knitting, crafting muppet!

  3. Hi Janet!

    I am soo late commenting! Thank you again for the lovely tutorial on Saturday - it was very nice to meet you and I hope we will meet again! It was soo much fun my thoughts keep on going back to our crop!
    Lots of hugs,


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