Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WOYWW177 waiting for a delivery

Hi wednesday nosey people

Desk hopping time again, where did the week go?
Why do I care ? visit Julia Queen of the desks to find out stamping-ground.

This is my messy desk on Tuesday morning.... nothing there .. absolutely nothing.... wait a while to see what the postman brings me.

I did make this during the day on my main desk.
 It is an advent calendar (yes finally started to think about Christmas)!
I love the pinsettia die cutter.
 At the back is my trusty Awl..... so usefull for making the holes fo rthe brads..... its one of my most useful tools and its about 80 years old !! .... no, I didnt make it!

I dont normally 'do' kits but I thought this was cute, there are 24 little drawers which I have decorated with christmasssy papers and brads.

 All I need to do now is find something to put in the drawers.... chocolate? probably.

Are you ready to see what's on my desk now .   (actually it's the dining room table at the moment)
 TA DAH!     
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  TO ME    (BIG hug to the handyman XXXX for buying me this fab new sewing machine)

Look out for some serious sewing from me real soon.......Pretty please  LLJ,  I might want to copy your fab desk bin thing .. if thats ok.

That was nice and brief wasn't it ?

If you leave a comment , I will visit you right back, but please add your Mr Linky no so I can find you....... Ta!
See you and  your desk later

janet aka fairy thoughts


  1. Happy Birthday Janet,

    Wow love your birthday present bet your going to be doing alot of sewing with your new machine....
    Your advent calendar looks cool are the treats going to be for you or are you gifting your creation...


    1. It was surpossed to be for Erin my GD but at only 18 months she is a bit young... will probably use it for the handyman this year (and maybe me if choc is involved ) and use it for her next year

  2. Wow have fun withvthe new machine! Hve a creative week trace. X 46

  3. My God, Janet - that machine is a beast!! Good luck learning what all those buttons do, lol!!! Feel free to do the desk bins, I got the idea from elsewhere, so no probs :D
    And I love your advent calendar, sooo pretty!
    Hugs, LLJ #66 xx

  4. A great birthday present... and your advent calendar is gorgeous, what a different idea. yes, go for chocolate!!! Happy WOYWW, Helen 19

  5. Happy birthday, Janet! That Advent Calendar is great and I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your fabulous sewing machine. Happy Wednesday.
    Sue x (MiniOwner @ 88)

  6. Beautiful christmas advent . enjoy using your new sewing machine & hope you show us all the lovely things i'm sure you'll make with it. jill #63

  7. Happy belated birthday, and what a super present. Looks like we will be seeing lots of fabric and stuff on your desk in future Janet.

    Just back from walking the dog and catching up on a few desks.
    Ann B #70

  8. Wow wow wow! What a great present! happy b-day - have fun with it. can't wait to see what you make!

    i'm @ 123 !

  9. Happy Birthday to you and a fab gift - from the Handyman to YOU! And love the advent calendar. I always hankered after one of the matchbox ones but somehow I keep saying "next year..."

    Happy WOYWW

    Mary Anne (15)

  10. Very cute advent calendar kit... and a big happy birthday to you - though I should think with a present like that, the "happy" is taken care of! Happy WOYWW too...
    Alison x

  11. Happy birthday indeed, and wow what pressie. Though I confess I would not have a clue what to do with it! Take care Zo xx 71

  12. Your advent calendar drawers are perfect. I love to see a sewing machine ready to go! xJo #79

  13. So nice to be excited by a present. I would need lessons first. Happy Birthday The advent calender is terrific. I was strolling through the entries and I liked Fairy Thoughts so I thought I'd stop by. Sew glad I did:)

  14. Well, Happy belated birthday wishes! Love the advent calender, looks awesome and defintely needs to be filled with chocolate! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  15. happy birthday :)
    have a super woyww
    kay #57

  16. what a fab advent calendar and a great job you've made of it.. I'm not as ambitious to try such a big project ..the sewing machine looks super happy birthday and I hope you enjoy creating with it have a great week #99

  17. Great birthday present ... enjoy! Gillian #9

  18. Yay Janet love that awesome birthday present! Desk looks great and I love the advent calendar. I may have to try something like that! Hope you have a crafty week! Vickie #91

  19. The tidiest desk this week by far but you soon make up for it with all you made and also what you received.
    Happy Birthday to you...what a super gift! Incase it helps I posted photo tutorial for the Hangabouts like LLJ makes, in Dec 2010... check it out.
    Love Jo x

  20. Aren't you the lucky girl with a super duper new sewing machine! I am waiting for a delivery too and it is all YOUR fault!! LLJ and I are thinking of starting a Magpies Anonymous Club!! Still waiting for my bead mat which I ordered 10 days ago from Derby!!
    Vicky lives about 3 miles from me and works in the same office as me so no, the birthday girls are not one and the same!

  21. Great advent calender and brilliant bithday pressie have fun using it - have a great week thanks for sharing ~ Nicky ~53

  22. Did you give the postman a hug for bringing it?!!! It would have made his day as well as yours!!
    Enjoy your new toy
    Have fun
    X Julie (paperpathway)

  23. Your advent calendar--too cute! And wow, a BIG happy birthday to you, what a fabulous gift!!!

    #136ish this week

  24. Wonderful birthday present, it looks like you would need a licence to operate that thing. Love the little advent boxes, realy cute.
    Have a great week.
    Von #45

  25. an empty desk!?! I wish!! and then a lovely sewing machine...I'm rubbish at sewing but I'm sure I'd not be too bad if I had a machine!! Have a crafty week HApPY WOywW ((Lyn)) #25

  26. Thanks for visiting me and what a FAB pressy. Looking forward to your sewing adventure now. I love sewing but don't do that much these days - ought to put that right. And the Advent drawer kit is super too, love it. Oh and glad it is not just me who has given up trying to find people who don't leave their number. Have spent ages in previous weeks but this week decided NO - enough was enough. So thanks again for stopping by BJ #8

  27. The advent calender is looking fab but the sewing machine steals the show! Lucky, lucky girl!!!

  28. Belated Birthday Greetings, looks like you had a wonderfull day getting that awesome gift. Love the christmas draws too.

    Happy sewing
    Eliza 88

  29. Great new birthday present! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun playing with it. The advent calendar is cute and looking really good. Of course you should put little chocolates in the drawers--isn't that what it is all about?!


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