Friday, 15 March 2013

smile.... it's friday

I saw this  little smart car on the way to work the other day and couldn't resist taking a picture on my phone..... the whole thing was covered in plastic grass.

how cool must it be to drive around in it.
Lots more smiles on wipso's blog  see them here
hey you could even join in, we could all do with a smile or two.
PS for those who asked already you can just see at the top of the windscreen the car is an advert for


  1. Oh Janet that is priceless....Gives a whole new meaning to going green eh? :-) Thanks for joining in this week.
    Annie x

  2. Wow! Is it done for advertising a business or is it just a private car? What an eye catcher!
    Have a great weekend
    love jo x

  3. What a brilliant idea! x Jo

  4. a smart car and its green, double whammy. thanks for sharing

    Gill x

  5. Bet they had fun doing it glad you caught it on camera. xx

  6. Nearly as green as my cyber green vw beetle. There is probably as much grass inside mine, mucky me never cleans it out.
    Have a good weekend.
    Lynn x

  7. Fantastic! I saw one covered in flowers at the chelsea flowershow last year, but not for driving round in. Thanks for the smile. Caro #7

  8. Oh, this car did make me smile!


  9. Wow, I love it - that has certainly made me smile today!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I very much appreciate the comments you left ( and in answer to your question: I often edit my photos in Photoshop, although I did choose my camera because it is good in low light which helps a lot in this climate!)


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