Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hi Peeps,
Oh, is it wednesday again so soon?. I  really don't know what happened to the rest of the week.
Regular visitors will remember the box I have been making over the last few weeks..... well it is finally finished.... yay! it is only about 4 cm tall and is made from small delica beads....  but each bead is sewn on one at a time, thus, why it took so long. 

Anyway what else is on my desk this week...... not much really I have been busy, crafting but not at my desk, here it is anyway

At the top are fabric squares for a quilt I am making for my GD's birthday. Mess all over the floor.
 A basket of buttons I was sewing onto a hat, another bag of buttons. The boxes contain masks and stamps  I had just used to paint some mugs and cards for the handyman to give as  leaving presents......... see below.

  Goodness but it was tricky stamping onto the mugs, not only were they slippery but not flat either,
 I do like to make things difficult for myself!

The cards were much easier.

Lastly, but definately not least this landed on my desk this week.... it is a gorgeous hand dyed silk scarf made by the lovely Jo ....   jozart designs. just look at all those gorgeous colours.

 It is a thankyou pressie from the   lillybo quilts.   blog although not necessary it was greatfully received and I love it and the pen which came along with it. I was also lucky enough to win some stamps in a draw too.

Well, thats it for me this week,  if you like being nosey pop over to see Ms Dunnit   at the   stamping-ground lots more fab desks to peek at.
If anyone is going to the crop  next month and would like to swap an anniversary ATC with me let me know and I will bring some along.
Usual rules about visiting apply, please leave a comment if you like what you have seen or even if you haven't.


  1. Goodness, that little beaded box is intricate and beautiful it must have the patience of Job to do something like that! And I like the card/mugs combo prezzy too, lovely bright zingy colours...gorgeous!
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

  2. I used to bead, so I know how long these masterpieces take. The CD thing at the back of my desk is a mothers day card done for me by my son who is 8. They have been working on these types of designs in an extra class he does once a week for enrichment. What paint did you use on the mugs, they look so professional? #23 Thanks for the visit already.

  3. The beaded box is stunning. I know how hard it is to stamp on shiny, non flat surfaces...well done! Happy WOYWW. Pam#15

  4. Hi Janet, another super busy person - love the beaded box - beautiful shape. Those mugs are fab but I can imagine just how difficult it was to stamp them. And I love the colours on the card - they almost match those in your scarf. BTW, you're not the only one who received a 'not necessary' gift which has been gratefully received :)) Many thanks and have a lovely day, Elizabeth x #37

  5. You have been busy loving those mugs they look great and then card
    Jackie 6

  6. The box is gorgeous - I love the colour scheme. I also like the mugs - that's a good idea stamping a design onto them - easier than hand painting each one! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, hope you have a great week.

  7. Wow, what a multi talented share today.. think the mugs look great.
    As for that beaded box.. what a masterpiece, way to go you.
    happy woyww
    Hugz Minxy #19

  8. Your bead work is just stunning!
    Happy WOYWW

  9. Your bead box is truly a piece of art, stunning. Lots of things going on, wowzer you've been busy! Take care Zo xx 75

  10. Absolutely stunning bead box and your stamped mugs brilliant. You are a clever fairy.
    Sandra @93

  11. Gorgeous work on your blog this week- love all the zingy colours. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #85 xxx

  12. Such a lovely card and that little bead box is DIVINE !!!! Never seen that done - do you follow some sort of pattern ????
    Happy WOYWW206

    Ike xx #101

  13. I didn't know you could stamp on mugs lol! What a great idea to make a mug so personal. Janet you did a wonderful job on them!! Love the finished box, I don't know how you did as I would not have the patience :-). It is great to see someone seems to like stencils as much as I do hehehe. Have a great week and happy WOYWW.
    Janene #18

  14. Hi Janet
    the little bead box is AMAZING and to think you had to sew each bead, fantastic thank you for sharing that with us.
    Wow how brave were you to go stamping on to mugs but what a great job you did, they look fabby
    Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
    Ria #21

  15. Lovely to see all the completed projects this week!

    The scarf is reallly pretty, the mugs turned out very well, and your bead project - wow! I've enjoyed watching it "grow" :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    MA (3)

  16. That beaded pot is wonderful Janet. Wow you have some patience!
    Those mugs look great too! Well done!

  17. Now that beautiful beaded pot shows just how much incredible patience you must have Janet...woo!
    The mugs and cards look amazing too. So bright and cheerful.
    You really have been having a fun time. Busy too ;D

    Happy WOYWW...oh its been so long since I typed that.
    Have a great week!

  18. My, my, you have been busy!! The mugs and matching card are a great treasure.
    Krisha #113

  19. I love your mugs and card! And that is one gorgeous scarf!!! As for your little beaded box, I'm in awe! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #119

  20. Wow - your mug/card set is brill. Yes the silk scarves are so lovely aren't they. Your little beady box must have taken hours and hours - well done you! x Jo

  21. Hi Janet, me back again ... they syringe on my desk is full of glue gel - I use it a lot because it stays wet long enough to prevent errors. Oh, and please, no card ... that would definitely be silly :)) Elizabeth x

  22. Wow, that scarf is lovely, luck you! Your beaded box is charming, so tiny and cute. And I love the stamping on the mugs, what did you use? Are they dishwasher safe?

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #89

  23. That beaded box is fantastic. Such patience.

    Love Jo's scarf and I got stamping envy over that rocking horse (grin).

    Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  24. I like busy desks, and you make fantastic things on it. I love this box!
    Gabriele #61

  25. G'day Janet
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. As usual I am late getting around but here I am at last :o). OMG the beaded box is amazing...well done. I used to make tiny beaded purse necklaces...wonder if I still know how to do them LOL. Great work on the mugs and the card too. Have fun with your new treasures :o)
    Annette In Oz # 11


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