Friday, 8 November 2013

Smile it's Friday

Hi peeps I'm posting for Annie's Friday smile again this week.
My picture this week isn't funny but i love beading and it's great getting back to it, so it made me smile. I went to my beading group again this morning and finished this. 

It's a poppy for rememberence day on Sunday. Each bead is sewn on seperately, it took me 2 evenings and a bit in the morning and I love it . . I may make another one in another colour to wear all the time 
Have a f great weekend and keep smiling


  1. Oh wow that is gorgeous. It's made me smile too so thanks for linking it.
    Annie x

  2. Janet, I LOVE THIS!!. I would like permission from you to show it as part of my T Tuesday post next week. Of course, you will be given full credit for the picture AND the beading. If it would be possible, please let me know in any comment before then.

  3. That is beautiful. Well done. Kate x

  4. Thanks for the written permission to use this beautiful beaded poppy. I love the back story on this and will try to remember it when I post. Thanks and gratitude to you.

    BTW, I'll let you know when the T post goes live.

  5. It is so special and beautifully made.
    Jo x

  6. Love this. I haven't done any beading for ages... must get back to it!

  7. That is really lovely janet. x Jo

  8. Just wanted you to know, the post in which I used your lovely beaded poppy (above) has now gone live on my blog. Again, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to use this photo.

  9. wonderful work Janet.. Lest we forget .. Shaz.xx

  10. This is beautiful Janet. That has made me smile with a tea too!

  11. Wow I thought you had knitted this poppy, how ingenious and wonderful that is


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