Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hi Peeps
I guess we are all hoping that Julia our  'beloved leader'  over at the stamping ground will be back at the helm this week after being poorly sick last week. Welcome back gal we did miss you. 

Hopefully she will be pleased that we still managed to hop around the globe without long as she doesn't feel redundant......I'm sure she knows we all missed her and are glad she is on the mend. Go on, join in why don't you .... its great fun.

Anyway my desk...... regulars will be glad to know that 'nothing' has been removed.
But I haven't done much this week .... dammed Bronchitis again.

There are Play things instead, like  scissors, stamps, (I think I put those away already .... how very tidy of me!)  inks, washi tape, a very useful bulldog clip (why are they called that)? and water pens which are about to be used. At the back is the new WOYWW sign I made for the 5th Anniversary.
In the middle is my lasted DLP page which is to use a rubber stamp in a different way.
See below for details.
 But first

These fell on my desk this week. 2 are from Peggy AplSEEDS ( she was my PIF partner) and the one on the right from Diane Baker Williams they are gorgeous thank you both.

I did some paint play today..... I had to make a card for my Great Nephew who's 17.Isnt that the worst demo graph to make a card for? Teenage Male.

I dribbled some paint on a masterboard and sloshed it around a bit and then stamped his name a few times in the paint ..... can you see it? 

This is the finished card.
Just noticed the 7 looks like part of a face with scruffy green hair..... just saying!
 If you are kind enough to leave a comment, please leave your Mr Linky no. so I can find you quickly and visit you right back ..... well later, as I will be back at work tomorrow ...wish me luck. 


  1. oh no, not you poorly too! love the card, I can see a face too... great atc's. Helen 11

  2. Oh blooming heck Janet, bronchitis? Thought you'd got over everything for now...hope you get better soon...
    The card is FAB!
    LLJ 29 xxxx

  3. Oh Janet, not a good time to have a chest complaint. Hope you are soon better.
    Thanks for the FB message btw.
    Lovely work on display for us and I just love your WOYWW 5 - fab!
    Hugs, Neet 26 xx

  4. great looking desk and I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Love the atc's and the card you made. Vickie #19

  5. Here's to a speedy recovery for you to Janet. Love the card & did the number turn out great. Happy woyww Jill #9

  6. Glad you're starting to feel better Janet...I'm sure these high pollen counts don't help.
    Love the card you made and am sure he will too.
    Annie # 28

  7. What a great desk. I love the card. Couldn't work out where you were going with it but all became clear. The 17 looks fantastic..
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs Lisax #39

  8. Happy WOYWW Janet .. cool card, yes I agree teenagers and men are so difficult to make cards for. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#21

  9. Great card - yes I can see the face - cool!! Hope your bronchitis soon improves - it's nasty. x Jo

  10. Hello Janet. yes, I see the face - rather cool and good looking - even with green hair! Bronchitis must be horrid at the same time as high pollen counts. Trust you soon feel much better.
    Take care.
    Margaret #8

  11. Gorgeous artwork on display and I love the face in the number 7..very cool! Get well soon. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#41)

  12. Thanks for visiting me! Love the accidental face in the 7 lol. My friend Joy posts the major big store coupon every Sunday. (Hobby Lobby only takes their own coupons, but Michael's, Joanns and ACM should take each others). so you can print them out for your visit : D.).Happy WOYWW! #51

  13. You are so right--not the easiest age to make cards for, are they?? But they still like getting them, whether they let on or not!!!

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww, Janet--your journal pages are wonderful, by the way!

    #66 this week

  14. Hullo Janet, well here we are back with another WOYWW already!! and love your card great inky or paint work!! and yes, we missed Julia big time... a relief all is well eventually.
    BTW Bulldog clips are so called because once they clamp their jaws around something they wont let go.. or acc. to Google that is :D great atcs too happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #31 thanks for visit already!

  15. Sorry to hear you've been poorly too - hope you feel better soon - chesty things can really linger on can't they. I love the card you made for your g.nephew - that's a cool paint technique and the card is great, I'm sure he'll love it. Thanks so much for stopping by my desk, hope you have a good week,
    Diana #54

  16. Hi Janet, I can't believe how many I've collected! I've just started collecting the re-inkers for the Adirondacks. re the FB feed, if you look on your blog, the bar along the top where it says 'Design, New Post', on the left, along on the right you will see 'Next Blogs' and 'MORE'. If you click on MORE, it drops down with a few options, one of them is 'Share on FB'. Thats the easiest way, you can choose to either share or not, depending what your post is about.There is a way of automatically sharing every post, but that can be a nuisance if you've blogged about something you don't want everyone, or maybe a certain person, to see. Love the ATC's you've had, gorgeous. Very clever idea for the card, male teens are the awkwardest of the lot, in more ways than one, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #30xx

  17. Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit under the weather.
    The 17 card is a great idea, love it.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela #45

  18. Fab face with spiky green hair. Lol Soryy to hear you're still feeling yucky. Hope the weekend is good to you. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #12

  19. Hi Janet,

    I love that card, so clever of you to do that and yes I can see his name everywhere teenager cards are such a challenge at the best of times and you have pulled it off brilliantly. Happy WOYWW and happy crafting.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 85

  20. Janet, your painting ended up being so perfect for the number and name of Luke's card!! I'm really late getting around and I thank you for already visiting my place at a respectable time! I hope by now, or very soon, you are recovered from the monster bronchisauras!! Hugs, Darnell #14


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