Tuesday, 19 August 2014

WOYWW 272 boring desk

Hi lovely deskers
Well it's been all go here in the fairy grotto this week but sadly not crafting.......

My desk is more like a dumping ground  here is a long shot

 I moved the boxes so you can see closer up ;  A background for my DLP which I really must use before I run out of weeks, glittery felt pens (Erin), a die cut flower (not sure where that came from), a  little pink heart (Erin), some ribbon (cut out of a top), the bag of zips .... still
Not much else really .... must try harder next week..... any questions .... just ask :-)
I did make a card for DD1 and SIL for their 3rd wedding Anniversary, they have had a baby since their last one.

......Love the Octopode factory stamps. I have used this one for them before... the snail is a family joke
I did finish my first piece of tatting

 I am teaching myself from a book.... something I am not very good at. If it hadn't been for a lovely lady customer who showed me how to slip the stitch I don't think I would have got it ... Even you tube didn't help.
Anyway, that's what's on my desk this week.... sorry its a bit boring.
Want to see much more interesting work places then visit head desker Julia at stamping-ground   its all very organised .... and addictive so watch out!
Thanks for visiting I will be at work all day today but if you are in this evening I might just visit you back..... if you leave your Mr linky no so I can find you


  1. It is ages since I heard of anyone doing tatting - good for you, and what a lovely job you are making of it.
    Cute card, am sure they will love it.
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  2. You sure have perseverance...if Youtube did not help then I would be stymied... Cute card and nice long shot of the desk. #23

  3. Oh well done - tatting! Good for you. That's a beautiful little piece you have made.
    Take heart - your desk is just SO neat and tidy compared with mine!!
    God bless.
    Margaret #11

  4. Never seen tatting before, though I've heard of it. the card is fun! Have a good week messing up your desk. Helen 17

  5. Fun card! Very cute! I could not do any art last week also...
    Gabriele 25

  6. My grandma produced the most amazingly intricate tatting...I still have doilies beautiful. Clever you....more patience than me, that's for sure! Erin must be in heaven when she plays at your desk :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  7. The tatting looks like very intricate. Not something I've ever tried. Hope you get to those zips soon.

    Fiona #29

  8. Another Octopode fan here, and I am in total awe of your tat (ting :)) Zips? do NOT get me started. But since it's a bag I'm guessing ...zipper flowers? Will wait and watch to see... :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  9. Love your desk! I've tried to tat and was totally unable to do it. Seems like all I can do is crochet and nothing other than that, though I have tried!
    Glenda #47

  10. Hi, love the anniversary card and the Octopode stamps. I have just posted my finished journal page using stamps from this range.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 49

  11. Your desk looks like mine does most of the time at the moment, Janet! As for tatting, I did try to master this many years ago but was one craft that I couldn't seem to manage! I can do very fine crochet which can look very similar, though. I think it is time that tatting had a revival - it was immensely popular in Victorian times and people made absolutely beautiful lacy tablecloths and doilies. So pretty!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  12. Lots of fun things going on here ! Stick with the will fall into place and you'll be pleased. Won't tell you my success, just read Glenda's !
    Have a fun summer it's all going tooooooooooooo fast.

  13. Just leaving a quick hello from Twiglet and Wipso as Annie hasn't any broadband in her new home yet!! Well done on the tatting - never tried it but it looks a bit tricky to me. x Jo #41

  14. I have no idea what Octopode stamps are--so I feel like I just learned something new! It's always interesting to try and learn something from a book or YouTube--but for me, watching a video helps a lot more than a book usually. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #51

  15. Hi Janet, loving your desk shots! The tatting is lovely, something I've never tried. Hope your Dd1 is okay, she must be missing her little one terribly. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #16 xxx

  16. hi neighbor! you tatting is looking lovely. It gets easier! I have some vintage shuttles that I plan on using someday!
    robyn 7

  17. What a fun baby card, none of that gag-me pastel stuff for your family. The tatting is wonderful. It is all beyond me so I'm impressed you could do it. Desk as a dumping ground--been there, done that. It will be a playground again soon, just you wait and see. PJ #59

  18. The tatting looks good! You tube is normally my go to reference site, but sometimes people hands jus get in the way lol!

  19. I so admire you for learning how to do tatting. I taught myself to crochet from a book but tatting totally defeated me. Sadly, the only other person I knew who did it had died before I decided to try. I jut may have to have another go as a winter project. Thank you for your visit last week and I hope you have a good week. xx Maggie

  20. Indeed a fairly calm desk, but what a fun card! I found I haven't got the patience to learn from a book anymore - I just want to go out and play and then learn by doing it. I tried a bit of crocheting but that is just not (yet) for me. Is tatting similar to it? It looks good to me, and it doesn't look like a beginners project with those loops and twists and different colours - looks too complicated for me allready!
    Debbie/Daqa #18

  21. Hi Janet, happy WOYWW. Very cute card and as for the tattting...yeah go for it. I did learn a few years ago but haven't continued with to have a go at anything and hate to see the skills die. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#21

  22. I love the Octopode card you made - their stamps are so quirky and original. The tatting is looking good - it's something I've never tried, yet I've been a lace maker for years - I've often felt I would like to learn but just never got round to it. Thanks for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a great week
    Diana #42

  23. We all have desks like this at some point. But you have been creating and that's all that's important. Pretty card. Love the tatting piece. Are you shuttle or needle tatting? I have a tatting needle. Have yet to teach myself how to use it. I just need a couple more days in a week ;-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #62

  24. great looking desk and I love the card! It has been a while since I have seen tatting being done but remember the beautiful collars and insets aunts used to make. Have fun! Vickie #64

  25. Thanks for your visit, Janet, and lol re the water pot! I think it has now become a point of honour to leave it as long as possible! I added to it yesterday evening with some gel medium. As for the bereavement card, mine is far from simple, I'm afraid, but this is a very special family and it isn't the sort of card I'd normally do for anyone else.

    Shoshi #35

  26. What a cute card! Happy third anniversary to your son and DIL! I be their baby brings lots of joy to the entire family. The tatting is amazing! I've looked at videos on different art projects and some of them are easy to follow and understand and some are just difficult. Keep looking through them and you might find one that you enjoy and can start following the channel (or whatever they are called!).

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (58)


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