Friday, 5 December 2014

Smile on Friday

Happy happy Friday 
I'm really smiling today as I'm on a play date with some lovely ladies from my documented life project. 
This is what a have just drawn it is the first paper face I have drawn/ painted. It was intended to be a lady but the others said its a man ..... Opinions. 
Linking upto Annie's smile on Friday


  1. Wow. I can see why you're smiling. That's really fab Janet....and I'd say it's a man. :-) Thanks for sharing your smiles....have a great day.
    Annie x

  2. Well done Janet. I´d say a man. Have a great day. Kate x

  3. Well done Janet....well I first thought it was women...the blue hair I think says it's not a bloke. Happy Friday Robyn

  4. I'm with Robyn, I think it's a woman. She is strong and feisty with a big personality. I wish I could do faces like this!

  5. Gorgeous colours. I love the bright green shadowy parts. x


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