Tuesday, 16 December 2014

T is for too grown up

Oh my where gave those 3 years gone. GD Erin and I often have coffee together on a Tuesday, she usually has a baby chino milk but now she's all grown up and has moved on to hot chocolate.... How happy is she. 
Linking up with Elizabeth where she has move beverage related posts
Ha ha maybe not so grown up .... She is now dunking her popcorn in the chocolate .... And why not?


  1. Yep, they grow up right under our noses. She is SO adorable, and that cup is almost as big as she is.

    Thanks for taking us with you and Erin to coffee for T this Tuesday.

  2. She ia adorable!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. Precious girlie girl you have there!
    Happy T Day...

  4. She looks like delightful company over a hot cuppa :) Happy T Tuesday!

  5. Precious. I just may have to dunk my popcorn in my chocolate next time I have some. She's on track with the current food trend of salted chocolate I'd say.


  6. What a delight to share this event with a GD. I always love it when mine are here for the event.
    YES, they seem to grow even faster than their parents did...................and that seems impossible.
    Popcorn in hot chocolate???? why not, I rather like putting it in my hot soup.......grin
    Happiest of T-day to you, and thanks for visiting earlier.

  7. Popcorn and hot chocolate is probably an acquired taste--LOL! What a little doll! Time flies by so fast!!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  8. What a super cutie. Hope she enjoyed it :D Happy T Day (just in time) :o))

  9. Great smile to go with your drinkies!

  10. A real, that hot chocolate is practically bigger than she is! hope your beverages were yummy...happy T day!

  11. Not only Happy but CUTE AS A BUTTON ♥


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