Tuesday, 2 December 2014

WOYWW 287 Finally .... a card

Hi Deskers
Regular visitors might be surprised at finally seeing a Christmas cards on my desk..... sorry I'm telling  porkies..... no cards have been made during this post..... sorry to disappoint it will be at least until next week before that happens...... nothing like leaving it to the last minute. What's this all about visit the lovely .... If busy julia at she has all the details. 
Anyway without further adieu here's my desk: 

There is a little Christmas on my desk..... centre stage......a tree in the making from flower pots which I saw on Pintrest.
To the left is a 'pile' and some clay buttons (you all know I love buttons) I made and painted at my local crockery.
At the back...... DLP journal as usual .... I managed to finish a page this week.... well time is running out to finish at the end of the year.
Also at the back are some scrabble tiles to add to a card  ... ( see I'm nearly in the zone) but there's no L.... boom boom!..... get it N O E L ...... a long  running joke at work.
The  minion card is still there........  awaiting inspiration.
Finally a tube of fabric paint which I am going to use on my latest DLP page..... more next week.... hopefully.

This is the latest page in my journal ..... I quite like it and pleased how it turned out....... a plan of my local park..... not completely accurate .... but not bad.
Finally a couple of weeks ago I posted about a training session I had to do at work........ a mixed media canvas in 45 minutes ..... here are the results ..... they did pretty well.

Our staff room looks so much more cheerful now too.
Thanks for visiting .... it really makes my day to know you popped by .... I will call back later after work..... if you leave your Mr linky number so I can find you.
Bye for now


  1. some interesting mixed media there, glad they enjoyed it. come on, get with the cards!! Helen 8

  2. All looking fun there - and I love the idea of the mixed media canvases at work. So good to encourage others to share our crafty passions, eh?! Happy WOYWW, Chris # 15

  3. I'm so glad I don't make cards, I can just buy some without feeling guilty!! You could do the same if you wanted ;-)
    Lots of fab things to look at, but my favourite is the map of the park, that's so cool! I adore maps and plans of all sorts, can sit and read a map for hours looking at all the place names etc. so I think you've done a great job there!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  4. I love the idea of the flower pot Christmas tree. It's fun turning pinterest projects into a reality! X

  5. Wow, are you an architect or city planner in your other life -that park plan is wonderful! Love that you've been too busy to make cards - what the hell, just buy some - everyone who loves you will already have been blessed with hand made gifts from you throughout the year anyway! The work canvasses are brilliant - I think they say a lot about a person actually - in terms of control and characteristic!

  6. That all looks wonderful Janet. I saw that christmas tree too so will love to see how you get on with it 😃 love all the mixed media pics too....what a clever bunch.
    Annie x. #19

  7. Love what you have done in your art journal a birds eye view map is brilliant.
    Sandra de @29

  8. Hi Janet....great works of art for the room, your journal is excellent. Have a super week RobynO#26

  9. The canvases turned out great! Looks like they had a great teacher! You'll have to show us the Christmas tree next week! (Here's a little trick about Christmas cards if you don't want to bother - just make one and order some prints! I can't even be bothered to do that - I just buy mine! Maybe next year... Right now I don't have the patience for Christmas cards when there are so many other exciting projects to work on!)

  10. Amazing what you can do in 45 min! Love the pot plant thingies...Pinterest is my best! #24

  11. Hi Janet, the canvases turned out beautifully- you'd never guess there was such a time restraint on them.Thats a great map of your park too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  12. That tree is going to be nice I bet and all your other projects look wonderful too!
    Gabriele 12

  13. Wow, those canvases turned out great - considering the time restrictions they turned out brilliantly. I love you map page - I have a thing about maps - I really like your delicate shading and subtle colours - it's a beautiful page. Have a great week,
    Diana #38

  14. Fabulous canvases!! How fun! And I like your journal page! As to your flower pot Christmas tree... I'm intrigued. May have to look around Pinterest some more! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #36

  15. Love the canvases, bet you all had fun making those.
    Happy crafting, Angrla x 28

  16. OK! What is the tree called on Pinterest? I wanna see it please? Pinterest is evil at times, specially when I am still on there looking at 1am on a school night!!
    Love those canvases. I wonder if I could get away with doing some in work? Nah! Work at solicitors...grey suits and sense of humour too!
    Hettie 39

  17. Love your mixed media canvas work and trees from pots I am off to investigate. LOL Just what I need as a pick me up.

    Happy Belated WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 61

  18. Well you have had your hands full! Pretty darn good canvases for only 45 minutes! Sorry for getting around to your desk so late... I am indeed one of the tortoise in life :D
    Hugs and happy crafting... til next week...
    Beth P
    #49 WOYWW

  19. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for dropping by, better late than never :) And thanks for your nice comment. I love your local park plan ... it's gorgeous! Hope you had a good week ... it's Wednesday again :)


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