Sunday, 8 May 2011

silky paper covered in paint

hi world
Yesterday I had a brilliant day of painting and getting messy. I went to my lace group where we had a workshop making silk paper.
The aim of the workshop was to make a silk paper notebook cover.
But we were all enjoying making the paper that we just kept making more pieces (we were all very messy and inky). I love playing LOL
 I had treated myself to some quality writing paper to make the pages so I decided to wait until my hands were not covered in inks etc before making the book.

We made the paper using silk fibres and added lots of threads, angelina fibres, sequins, leaves, feathers, glitter and paint. The paint we used were brusho paints.

 We used them dry and then spayed water on the top, this made the powder spread and made lovely patterns of colour.
 I also used my lovely colour wash paints by adirondack. These are sprays and are fab. I also used some masks which worked really well with the sprays. My favouite is the Tim Holtz clock.

I started making the first book today but it is not quite finished will try tomorrow.
I really enjoyed this technique,it is similar to felting , but quicker. I think I will have a go at making a 3d bowl sometime soon
happy mess making LOL 

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