Monday, 2 May 2011


Hi world
the challenge on grungy monday    studioL3  last week was dimensional.
Take a look at Tim's demo dimensional demo  from Tim
I took a while to get some inspiration this week, I have had so much going on at home with baby bumps, visitors and weddings, (not the royal one either).
Anyway after the  wedding on friday my daughter and her boyfriend locked themselves out of their new flat ( they have only been there for about a month so it didn't take them long). LOL.
 They had to get a train and stay the night with us as everywhere was closed. opps!
I thought i would make them a key holder for...... just for emergencies.
here it is
If you try this technique take care, I sliced a chunk off my finger cutting the foam, now it's not easy typing with only 1 index finger LOL.

The key is  a very old rusty one, found in the shed.
 I cut out the rectangle to put the key in and put a piece of fake glass on top. The background paper behind the key also has old keys on.
Lots of Tim Holtz products here ; the bricks are embossed,  The houses and the sign are die cuts. The ticket is also Tim Holtz, the spelling mistake is deliberate as a play on the fact that we had to hire a ladder to get into their first floor flat through an open window.
 I have also put grafitti on the wall but it is quite faint and hard to see.

Hopefully they will see the funny side and enjoy putting it on their wall ..... near the door to remind them to take their keys.


  1. FANTASTIC! Very funny and beautifully executed. Love it.

  2. Great hanging, loved reading your post. I got my OH to cut mine, hope your finger heals soon.

  3. Very clever! I'm sure they'll laugh about someday! You did a fantastic job with the challenge. Sorry about the injury though!

  4. Very nice piece. What a beautiful rusted key and I love the scenery you made around the theme-brik texture, townscape, key paper and signs!

  5. Lots of texture and detail..great key - hope the finger is feeling better - thought my big knife was scary too!
    Sarah at 54


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