Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hi wonderful wednesday watchers

it's that time of the week again when those that want to can have a good nosey around the world at other peoples work space, nosey on over to to have a look
On my desk this week  is a project from a couple of years  ago. I started an 18th birthday book for daughter no3 but for various reasons never got to finish it until now.

The desk is covered with photos which i must fit into the book somehow, but there is only 1 page left. The trouble, is the thought processes have been long forgotten as to what I was going to do with them.
I have done the pages in a collage style using golden medium to stick it all together with lots of embellishments. Most of the pictures are of Lucy when she was playing at dressed up. She used to do that a lot.

Also at the back are some more of those lovely colour wash sprays which i will probably use as well, I was going past the shop that sells them at the weekend, when I say went past I mean popped into.LOL.
I'm off desk hopping now why dont you have a look too.


  1. Wonderful work space, and I know what you mean about forgetting intentions for projects that somehow fell to the side lol. I've only used my New Lettuce spray, but I'm pretty addicted to it. It makes lovely work of stencils and then I flip the wet stencil onto a dry paper and get the reverse image. TFS! #117

  2. It sure is fun popping in and taking a look around. I love color wash sprays ~ well buying them anyway! :) Smiles ~ Brandi

  3. Lovely to see so much stash on your desk, I know exactly what you mean about losing track of thought processes! lol. Shaz #112

  4. What a great treasure you've made and very creative. I love how you used a collage to showcase the pictures, wonderful idea.

  5. Ooo, what a lovely desk lots going on here to keep you interested and inspired! Happy WOYWW 100! love, Clare #142 x

  6. Loads going on here! what a lovely book for your daughter! Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (66) x

  7. Well Janet, what lovely space you have there have fun creating in it, know what you mean about forgetting what you were going to do.... and thanks for popping over happy belated WOYWW100, will post fished work on Wed. but will be late not #1!
    Shaz in oz.x


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