Tuesday, 26 July 2011

gungy monday17

hi world,

It's Tuesday again and that means time for  GRUNGY MONDAY17  Linda Leadbetter's blog  and all thing.  TIM HOLTZ
I missed last week.... lack of inspiration and time  I think.
This week I have managed to combine the two weeks together. What I started out to do and what I finished was completely differents, but that's art!
I have just changed the colour in my bathroom so I thought I would make a new picture to go on the wall.

Unfortunately I didn't have either of the products to use and I couldn't justify an 18 mile round trip to get them, I had crackle glossy accents so I used that quite thickly and spread it with a paint brush, it was a bit gooey, but I like it. Funny I can spend hours , weeks even, beading a small box but wait a few minutes for paint to dry.... I dont think so! LOL.
This is what is used
colbolt acrylic paint
crackle accent
trimcraft paper... wild asparagus..... Just brought on sale in The Range
stamp... wild asparagus lovely 20 stamp set for £6
navy embossing powder
grungepaper flower covered with silver pearl paint and alcohol ink ..meadow and citris. My homage to last weeks challenge.
acetate to protect the paper in the bathroom

 All I need now is for my OH to put a ring thingy on the back so I can hang it up.... well he likes to feel needed!
I'm off to checkout your stuff


  1. This is just beautiful! Love how you framed the flowers!

  2. Lovely picture - love the colour scheme. x

  3. REALLY like the dendelion clock stamp on that background, very cool combination of colours!

  4. Gorgeous! It will look beautiful hanging on your wall!

  5. Love this! Great colours.

  6. Love the crackly frame, the color is so pretty too.


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