Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well it's wednesday again and time to show and tell. Hop over to  to see the world's workdesks at stamping-ground.
I have just finished making my tags for grungy monday, see them at studiol3 .There are lots of inks and stamps about. . . .  all nice and messy.
 You should have seen my fingers! maybe we should include a picture of them as well. LOL
 On the left are my two left over tubs . .  they contain all the little bits of stash and things that are left over from each project, there used to be only 1 but it is so full I had to get another one, LOL
 I try to use 'stuff' up on the next project but usually fail miserably.

I have a confession, actually this was my desk last night.
Now that I dont have to tidy up after crafting I feel the need that I want to.
So this is what my desk really looks like this evening.

 Sorry but it's tidy  LOL.
BUT, ready to make messy again, another day
Right I'm off to be nosey at your desks


  1. Wow what an awesome work space. You look so organized with everything at your finger tips. This is something I have to work on some more.

  2. Oh how fun! Everything looks right at your hands. Awesome!

  3. Tidy or not..looks like a Fun place to work to me.... And your tags are very nice too!!!!

  4. Haha wow, your desk looks extremely tidy compared to the night before! Sounds as though you were having fun! Lea x

  5. Really made me laugh aloud - such a contrast! Di x

  6. oh....I love the messy desk better then the tidy one. There were so many fun things to look at! Love the tag! Vickie

  7. Hi wow how lucky are you working in a Craft shop, that would be my ideal job surrounded by all that crafty stuff, I wouldn't have any wages left as I love to craft shop.
    Great desk thanks for sharing and for popping by and having a look at my blog.
    Crafty Kaz

  8. sorry i'm late!

    teenagers are the target market for my sock creatures, and yet they seem popular with all ages,

    if she wants one there are always a few for sale in my folksy shop (1 of 1) which is linked on my blog.

    your desk is very suitably creative thanks for dropping by mine on Weds last.



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