Sunday, 23 October 2011

Happy Birthday to me

hi world
It was my birthday on Friday and it seems I have spent most of the weekend eating and entertaining my family. Not a bad thing you may say! and you may be right. I had some lovely cards and pressies. See the lovely card and pressie Vicky from work made me VICKY

here is the present from my granddaughter. Quite the artist!

And here she is . . .  so cute

I have had a few problems with blogger this weekend and I have not been able to leave any comments for a few days so
 sorry i didnt get back to you if you left me a comment
I will try harder this week and I will get back to you. . . .  Blogger allowing !!!


  1. Really glad you have had a good birthday. Such a cute card from yr granddaughter, obviously your talent has been inherited!

  2. Happy Birthday! Your granddaughters card is lovely and she is sooo cute!!!
    Diane xx

  3. Lovely card from Erin, so talented! What a lovely smile as well for Grandma.


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