Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WOYWW 122 an alternative desk

hi desk peekers, yes its that time again.
Chief  desk hopper  and general chatty person  JULIA DUNNIT   has been in Winchester this week where she may have seen my desk  being created  . .  and not known.
 If you read this Julia I hope you all came in for a fabric fix!

It was my departments turn to have a themed window display, I decided to organise a craft room with lots of projects being made and lots of 'stash'. It was fun making all the projects and our display lady Sue has done a great job putting it all together. Although it all looks too tidy!

This is my real desk, just as much going on but not nearly as tidy. This is the remains of making some more of the UTEE pendants I tried last week (actually I only finished 1). The little yellow box is still there. .  unfinished. On the left is my new Ranger heat it gun, I've just noticed the sign on it that says 'Caution Hot' This is not a hairdryer. . . love it, LOL. I wonder if it will dry my nails, no lets not go there again!

I have also started Painting my S M I L E letters from Ally Pally.
 I think these are going to take a while, not really sure what I am going to do just jet, this is just the background colour. I hope you will pop back another time to see what I do with them.

I'm off to see your desk. If not tonight it might be tomorrow.


  1. What a gorgeous window display and how fantastic to have a job in the craft dept a bit like a child working in a sweet shop!!! Looks like you have lots of lovely things going on on your desk and your SMILE looks very interesting, thanks for sharing x

  2. Yes indeed, we did go into your shop where I bought a considerable amount of Christmas fabric, as there was a great selection! Now to decide how to use it all :) The window is great, btw! Hugs, LLJ xx

  3. Wow love the window display its brilliant - great desk as well x

  4. Gorgeous display set up. I love a working desk, or set of desks LOL
    Keep smiling and creating

  5. Loving your new look! Window has come up really well, didn't realise we sold so much! LOL!!

  6. What a brilliant idea for a window display. I wonder how many new crafters were encouraged to start creating by seeing all your projects.

  7. Your display is stunning, it certainly would get me stopping and looking! Wishing you a lovely crafty week ahead.
    Rum xx

  8. OMGOSH..I LOVE your window display. Unique!!! I like all the inspiration on your desk as well..thank you for sharing.


  9. It's a great display - when we got there it was barely started though, although the lady was looking at your plan-o-gram and sorting the! And yep, we spent ages in fabrics.

  10. Love your Window display. As a former window display person I know how much work this takes. Love the colour scheme too.
    Thanks for your visit.

  11. Beautiful window interesting! I'm sure if your desk were on display in a window it would look different than it does now....all ours would! I actually think yours is extremely creative and inspiring if the truth be known. Have a great weekend.

  12. Wonderful display. Bet it brought in loads of crafty customers.


  13. I would rush into that shop after seeing the window display. Fab.
    Hugs Joanne xx


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