Wednesday, 12 October 2011


hi wednesday Peepers
 am making this my first scheduled post as I am going  out this  Wednesday evening ...  to see David Essex .... Swoon! ( younger members look him up on Google).

I hope I manage to link up to julia post this week ok see what it is all about here HERE  

I have had a bit of a card fest today, trying to make a few cards for a friend to take to work to sell for breast cancer. I think I made about 10 not bad going for an afternoon.
I had to do something to take my mind off my dog, she had to go to the vet to have teeth cleaned and removed. She was feeling a bit sorry for herself when she came home in the evening, but generally ok.
The main card I had to make was one for my handyman (AKA my hubby!), it was not how I intended to make it, it is just how it turned out!

Anyway I will peep at your world of desks tomorrow night, so dont think I have forgotten you



  1. Great card, enjoy David he is fab live, oo those twinkly blue eyes..... xxx

  2. Oh what a FUN day you have planned!!! Know you will be enjoying David!!!
    I Love how your card turned out, it's very Manly.

  3. Oh, I was a David Essex fan too! Slightly rougher and sexier than Donny Osmond or David Cassidy :P
    Nice Christmas fabrics in C and H - I did buy a few :)
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  4. I love that card you made for your husband. It turned out just great!! Isn't it fabby that there are dentist for dogs (or any animal?). Honestly this is just the best. Well, thank you for sharing your creative space, *smiles* Norma

  5. Hope you enjoyed the David Essex show - I used to think he had the most amazing blue eyes ... course he is older now and the blue has faded but he still has a certain something for this old fan :) Hope yours handyman enjoyed the card - love the colours and the tape measure ... actually it's just the sort of thing that would appeal to my aka handyman. I'm impressed that you managed to make 10 cards - I just about manage one a day, if that. Elizabeth x #53

  6. Hi Janet, 10 cards in an afternoon sounds fantastic to me - I always get carried away and produce 1 'masterpiece' and if they are competition entries (I've only done 2) they can take several days! Hope you had a lovely time at the David Essex concert - I can completely see the attraction ;)

  7. Love your cards, especially the one for Hubby. Its great when a card just 'grows' as you go along, isn't it? Running a bit late this week, have a good week, Shaz


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