Tuesday, 6 March 2012

altered book the first pics

Hi book lovers
If you are of a nervous disposition about caring for books ... look away now 'coz you might not like what you are about to see..... cutting up a book!
Many bloggers all over the world are joining Elizabeth altered book lover  in an on-line tutorial.

This is the book I am using, I brought it in a charity shop for 60p. . . . a bargain in the true spirit of the tutorial.
I had to laugh at the first sentence in the book, this book is going to be altered to 'within an inch of it's life' LOL

Well I read Elizabeths instructions,  but had to stop just before cutting pages out of the book. . . . .  could I do it?  It's not right
Yes of course I did, I used  the easier 2nd option obviously, why make more work?
I must say  it was like pulling teeth !
Altogether I pulled out 64 pages, that's a lot of teeth.
After that trauma, I looked the book up on Amazon and discovered it was a  first edition and selling for £15 doh !

On the right hand side you can just see the book I am using to record my' workings' in  ... it is one of my own hand bound book with an embroidered cover, kind of appropriate.

This is the chest I am keeping my  book and embellishments in, I got it free recently for subscribing to a magazine.
Now all I have to do is find something to put in my niche, I think my theme is going to be travel.


  1. Oh no! I would be sick as a parrot to know I had ruined a perfectly valuable first edition - but onwards and upwards... you will have an absolutely fabulous book at the end of it and can tell everyone it was the most expensive in the class!! ;) I am a bit green about your fabby trunk... free with a magazine? Poop... when I join a mag they give me a naff stamp or something... you,you get a trunk!!

  2. Well no looking back now! Love the idea of a travel book, so many things could be used! I'm also in Elizabeth's class and will post my pictures tomorrow on the WOYWW post. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Yep, you're off to a good start - ripping out those pages was a little traumatic but I console myself with the fact that the book is getting a new and more interesting life! :) thanks for the visit - I'll be following your progress through the class.

  4. Well, you can think that it was ONLY 15 pounds - it could have been 150... At least in Finland you hardly get a new one with that price! So full speed ahead :D
    I´m also working with my AB...

    Tuire xx

  5. My theme is also travel and it will be fun to see what we each come up with. I haven't put up my photos yet--but will soon :)

  6. I was shocked and a bit sick to read about your first edition. I so, so hope this doesn't bother you further and you are able to continue with lots of enthusiasm. I really want to know where you got your "trunk." It will be perfect for keeping your stash now, and for holding your AB once it is finished.

  7. You are right- for us book lovers the destroying part is the most difficult, at least I hope so. I am way behind with this class.
    However I inherited some old textbooks from a friend and started with the worst of them, pulling out pages and bending to check the spine, etc. I hope that will get me over the reverence I have for pristine pages.

  8. You're off to great start! It was kind of fun tearing up the book for me :) I just finished my very last day of school (after 4 years of college and 4 years of grad school) so I relished tearing up a book or 2..or 4.

  9. Great start you have made and I love the title of your book Janet - I would be tempted to do a game show theme. Don't worry about the £15 - your book will be worth much more than that when it is finished.

  10. Eeek! I can't even think about the 1st edition thing! But I agree with Ann about the "game show" theme. Anyway, I'm sure it's all going to fun!


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