Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lesson 3 up to date at last

Hi AB lovers,
I finally finished Lesson 3 yesterday (thanks to my GD's morning nap). See what Elizabeth is  up to for Lesson 4
Making the 'Niche ' was a lot of work, but great fun. and messy.
My side desk is now officially my AB desk, no point in clearing up until it is finished!
Luckily my handyman had some of these clamps, but not enough so I had to hop over to poundland for some more, they are just the ticket and so cheap.
This is the niche before cutting the hole out.

It took longer to cut the niche out than I thought and you were right Elizabeth, I did have to change the blade. I was surprised.
I have taken so many pictures of golden medium lately that my camera recognises it's 'face' LOL

My biggest problem was what to put in the niche. I was going to use an Eiffel Tower keyring, but it was too thick for the no of pages I had saved.

I  decide to copy my passport, but my scanner wasn't playing nicely so I gave that up. bit boring anyway!

So I thought and thought and thought. What sums up travelling and holidays. . .  funny money and weird unusual stuff. You know the sort of thing you know you shouldn't really buy ... but you do anyway.
so that is what I used.

The maps are  of Arizona (where I brought my object). 
The niche got a bit complicated, because I wanted a shaker window. I used a piece of re-cycled clear packaging to hold the items in. The outside edge was abit messy, you could see the DS tape.
In the end I covered the edges with ribbon,
I'm not saying what the object is . . . answers on a post card please, but I dont think you'll guess, I didn't. But it is quite interesting

I could only find US Dollars and Euros so that's  all I could put in.
Continuing with the map theme. I used another map for the inside front cover.
I got this in a charity shop just the other day, lucky coincidence.

Here you can see me  pointing to where I was born and my journey began.
There looks interesting patterns on the map, I may use that later in my book

the next lesson looks really messy, so . . . bring it on


  1. Oh wow! love, love, LOVE your niche, not even going to try and guess what that object is, but I adore the shaker box idea, and will use that on my next altered book!! So cool using the maps, I love maps! Since you left a comment about my seahorse tag I made, I just wanted you to know that I made a tutorial about how I created the sea, if your interested I would love for you to check it out and let me know how I did on the tutorial as I haven't done many of them before. Thanks bunches and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. I love the shaker box. It is awesome! Like Sandee, I wouldn't even begin to imagine what is in the niche, but I'm sure I'll be impressed when you finally reveal what it is.

    BTW, your link to MY blog is wrong. I don't live in the UK, and I can't figure out where the link came from when I linked at Julia's on Tuesday night, but I suspect that is why some people are having trouble reaching me.

    Here is the correct link:

  3. I forgot to mention what a great job you did covering the first pages in your book. This is going to be one fantastic book when you are finished. You put so much attention to detail. Thanks also for using Mr. Linky.

  4. hi Janet! we have the same journey theme for our ABs and i still haven't decided what to put in my niche! i had a laugh when you said your camera recognized the face of golden medium! happy WOYWW and thank you for sharing,
    hugs, #26 peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Love the maps you have used - great idea. BJ

  6. No idea what the mystery object is - looks like something medical.
    Love the maps and the shaker niche and what a lovely idea to include a map of your 'home'.

  7. Oh I love this idea, it's just simply brilliant. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Michelle x

  8. I'm creating my first AB book in Elizabeth's class...I love your openning page! What a great way to present your theme--where it all started! I had the same problem with my niche--a little too shallow for the pages I set aside. No idea what is in yours by the way.

  9. This is looking fantastic already!!! I am a bit behind & just waiting for my niche to dry :) it a bone pipe by any chance??? haha x

  10. Your niche looks fab - I've no idea what the mystery item is - all I can think of is a miniature shoe horn - lol. Great theme too - looking forward to seeing your next stage x

  11. I'm finally getting around to visiting all the AB links and just love your start. I'd thought of using the travel theme as well, but ended up going a different direction. The map is a great idea and your niche is so creative. Finishing the edge with ribbon is genius! Looking forward to seeing your next step.


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