Wednesday, 28 March 2012


hi folks
Yes it's wednesday again, why does it take us by surprise every week ?
 Julia Dunnit   is Queen of the famous wednesday blog hop, so go on join in and show us your work space what ever it looks like, messy. tidy, or busy etc. etc.

Anyway, this is my desk this week:
Not much going on yesterday, this is how it looked before I started a tiny bit of crafting  (Erin, the handyman and I went to Ikea for part of the day, she slept quite a while in the buggy.
She didn't sleep in the afternoon, so no crafting for me until after 6pm.
As you can see Erin's influence is still evident (toys on the left).
I am just about to start work on the wedding invitations for D2

I made a stamp of the word Invitation in the font she wanted and I have embossed it with copper powder. On the paper at the back you might just be able to see the Wedding gecko stamp I also made.
I really should do more close up shots!
Regular followers may remember me saying I wasn't going to clear away my side desk with my AB work on.

I didn't, I just put stuff on top !
A couple of weeks ago I went on a  beading workshop at Stitch n Craft to make an Enchanter's Tassle. . .  I finally finished it this week .. so here it is.
It is not a very good picture, there are a few swarovski cyystals and pearls which do not show up very well. It is quite 'blingy'.
It is made in 2 pieces which join together, not sure where I am going to use it as it is too big for a necklace.... probably on a handbag.


Anyway please leave a comment to let me know you have visited and your # no. from mr Linky and I will visit you right back, well sometime in the next few days.
Have a great week and happy WOYWW
janet aka fairy thoughts


  1. Looks like a hive of activity, love the bead work, very pretty indeed.
    Happy Woyww'ing
    Minxy #11

  2. WOW. I'm impressed with that tassle. And you make your own stamps? Impressive!! Happy WOYWW from #3.

  3. Beautiful beady piece! I didn't get much grown-up arty stuff done when my children were small, either . . .


  4. Love your beautiful tassel! It looks like a lot of time and patience went into that. Thanks for letting us peek at your lovely desk and Happy WOYWW! Lorinda #37

  5. wow, your beading is fantastic, I think it would look glorious on a handbag! NOW get that stuff off you AB, so you can work on it. D2 wedding invitations can!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. Lovely crafty desk and what a fabulous bead tassle you made!! Now, that sort of class would be fun if I thought for a second I could produce something that looked like that! Annette #22

  7. ...your going to be one busy lady...I have to say your tassel is stunning so much work and detail, would make yummy chritmas gifts too...have a loVely week...Mel :)

  8. You could always make another and give your husband a pleasant surprise... :D
    Hugs, LLJ #76 xx

  9. Great desk - lots of lovely things to look at - your beading looks great fun. Happy WOYWW, Helen #9

  10. Good luck with the wedding invitations .The beading charm looks lovely.Great intresting desk this week and the push n pile i see is getting to be regular with alot of crafters me
    Have fab wedensday and creative week hugs judex 67

  11. Wow! Love the tassel and just my colours as well.

    Ann B

  12. Such fab makes going on, love all your little drawers so neat. Love your sunflower mug too. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

  13. Fabulous tassel, I love green!! Busy desk with lots to do... enjoy! Hugs May x x x xNo14

  14. Beautiful colour beads! I love the colour green. Not sure I'd have the patience or dexterity to make that.
    Suzanne desk 90

  15. your desk just looks positively creative and that tassle is awesome! I love beads but don't have the temperment to do bead work. Hope you have a great week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #138

  16. A really busy desk you have there. But most of all I love your beaded tassel. The colours are just beautiful. Hugs Rita xxx

  17. Love the tassle! I hope that we see more of your wedding invites. I tried to get a glimpse of the stamp you made, but couldn't quite make it out. dani42

  18. the wedding invitations sound really interesting, the tassle is brrilliant, so much going on and such a great space, working when the kids are small is always a challenge but so worth it, the time you spend crafting is like therapy I find, have a wonderful week

  19. Cool workspace! I'm slowly getting around to everyone each week!

  20. A fab, creative work space with lots of lovely crafty goodies to play with! I love your beaded tassel, its really beautiful :)

    Take care and have a fab WOYWW, Luv Karen xx #91

  21. Fab tassel - would look great on a bag.

  22. Lovely tassle. Thanks for sharing


  23. I'm sorry, Janet- have been in a very silly mood today. I won't mention the idea to your other half.... :D
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  24. Your tassels are fabulous, lovely and sparkly! Very busy! Good luck with the wedding invites...I did loads waaaaaaaaaay back, for my daughter, so gladI used photo glue for the inserts as I had to take out 40, as she gave me the wrong numbers! HaPpY wOyWw! Thank you for my snoop! have a great crafty week!
    ((Lyn)) I'm back to being #18!

  25. Wow, I love your tassle its fantastic. I have lots of those little draws there not very big but they are really useful.Happy Crafting.
    Lottie x

  26. That tassel is fabulous! Looks so intricate and beautiful colours! Got a giggle over how you are just piling things on the side desk! Can't wait to see next week when there are a few more layers, lol!
    xoxo Karen #180

  27. Your bling will be fabulous on a handbag. You must have lots of invitations to make enjoy doing them. Elaine #90

  28. Gorgeous beady tassel, and I very much love all your little storage boxes, very organised!
    Sophie no.183

  29. Busy looking desk with lots going on. Love the tassel, gorgeous colours - it would be a shame not to find a use for it. Hope you have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #145

  30. Great beadwork - lots of detail, and my favourite colours chosen!!

    I'm interested and intruiged about the gecko on the wedding invitations - what is the influence of that particular image and are they going to be incorporated on the front of the invite and in the overall design? - apologies if you have mentioned this in a previous post, but this is my first visit...

    Thank you for sharing your workspace - and happy WOYWW 147
    love and hugs

    Paula x x x (#51)

  31. Janet, your beaded creation is amazing - it'll look fabulous on a bag I think.

    Thanks for coming along to see my desk - in answer to your question - no, I haven't used the pages I removed from my AB .... yet, I still have them sitting on my desk waiting for something to happen to them - LOL. I look forward to seeing your book too x

    Sherry (no. 3)


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