Tuesday, 29 October 2013

WOYWW 230 snippets box, what snippets box?

Hi Deskers
Happy Wednesday everyone, time to be nosey once again, join in with this weekly ritual if you dare.
see the details  here at Julia's stamping ground.
Anyway here is my desk for this week, not much going on. but lots of photos to follow!

The cubes are a perpetual calendar I have just started, actually  nearly everything you can see is for the calendar, took me ages to work out which numbers to put on each cube, there is only one way to do it.
the boxes contains beads, I am also going to make a beaded poppy for remembrance day.
That will be my in front of the TV project.
You maybe wandering what all this has to do with my title, nothing, but on Monday I had an extra day off work.... planned, nothing to do with the storm.
This was my desk then;
My snippets box

Then looked like this;

So I made these

and these

 and these

Now it looks like this

It just had to be done didn't it, I had a lot of fun doing it.
Now I really must settle down and make some Christmas cards. . . . . soon
Have a great week and see you on your desk soon... please leave a comment and Mr linky no.
see ya!


  1. Well you made loads of cards and got sorted out so that sounds like a win win situation!
    Well done
    Jackie 27

  2. Crikey! You had a busy day! Lovely cards:) x

  3. Great use of your snippets... love the cards. I need to do some more Christmas cards too... as you say, soon! Have a good week. Helen 31

  4. Oh well done! Clearing, sorting AND some lovely things to show for your efforts too. Win win win!
    And extra days off always feel slightly illicit, don't they? Glad you enjoyed some me time....
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xx

  5. Well done on using up your snippets box. We're all guilty of having one that's overflowing! You've made some fab cards with all the leftovers. Hugs. Pam#39

  6. Wow - that was a productive day off! Gorgeous projects and what a difference to your snippets box! MMx #41

  7. What a wonderful way to lessen your the results.
    Do check out my blog post yesterday cos I recorded all the lovely quilt squares....and thanks again.
    A x #47

  8. Well that's one way of clearing out. Turn all your stash into cards lol. I love them. Can't believe you made so many. well done they are fab.
    Karen no.51 x

  9. Lovely cards Janet. We were lucky the storm didn't do any damage here , it was just a bit windy & very wet. Happy woyww Jill #37

  10. Wow you've been really busy making some great cards. We always wanted a perpetual calendar but when we got one we forgot to change the date all the time!

    The bears #62

  11. I feel shamed! I actually have a snippets drawer, there's that many of the little blighters, and I moved it to directly behind my desk to use them more. Still using them, but it seems for every one I use, I must make 10 more, 'cos I swear its getting fuller rather than emptier.You did good to make so many cards from yours. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #56 xx

  12. Very productive day...creating some many unique cards. I bet you did have fun. Happy snooping Carole #65

  13. Fabulous idea for the snippets! Now you have lots of cards right on the ready. Sounds like something I should do...! Lindart #80

  14. Brilliant! It's magical what can be made from our stash and scraps! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #10

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  16. wow Janet you did make the most of your day off and still so many snippets left.

    Gill x #90

  17. Lol I'm loving the snippets transformations!! I have a file with scraps of coloured card, under my desk, I do use it now and again I promise!! Take care Zo xx 81

  18. Cor Blimey! That was a profitable workout you had. Fab cards and all made from bits left over and things. Am impressed with the cubes - now wondering about the numbers!!
    Hugs, Neet 16 xx - thanks for visiting me earlier - my server has been playing up so only just got on.

  19. Great cards with the snippest .. love recycling. You've been very busy, indeed. Happy late WOYWW, Suzanne #53

  20. Wow! You certainly got a lot out of your snippets box. I am so impressed with your drive! I'm lacking snippets these days, not because I went on a creative whirlwind like you did but because I donated them all to a lady who does punch art and other fun paper crafting things.

  21. Ah that's me too. Janet, I really will do some..soon! you had such a successful day must have been a lorra fun and very satisfying to see the snippets box gain a proper shape..well done you, chief corraler of wayward papers!

  22. Wow! And blimey! That's an impressive clear out of your snippets, Janet. And you've now got lots of lovely cards on hand just when you need them too ... all made from scraps of leftovers. Your snippet boxes are looking in better shape now :) So glad to read that the storm didn't do any damage round your way. We just got the tail end up here and that was quite bad enough. Thanks for visiting earlier and leaving such a nice comment. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #42

  23. WOW Janet, You were productive! love the photos of your progress,

    Hope you have a relaxing week....something tells me you are going to make as many Christmas cards by next Wednesday!!!

    Hugs robin 74

  24. All of that from a pile o' scraps??? Lordy lordy you do have an eye fro making something fab out of seemingly nothing. All great stuff.

    Busy with DS's visit yesterday so Happy (late) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (12)

  25. Forgot to say, the potato things are stones like those from a beach which I probably brought home to decorate at one time. I use them as paperweight.
    Hugs, Neet 16 xx

  26. I have a snippets drawer - never through anything away! As you've proved, there's wonderful bits of creativity in there :)
    Thanks for stopping by already and leaving a lovely comment - don't know where the days go to - it's already Sunday!!
    Happy belated WOYWW xx


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