Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hi lovely bloggy people

very quick post this week coz I have to finish what is on my 'desk' for tomorrow.
My good friend Lee is leaving our mutual work place for pastures new (boo hoo).
I left it a bit late to make her a leaving pressie.
I doubt if I will finish it unless I stay up all night . . . with the best  will in the world . . . . it's not going to happen!

This is the desk or tray I am beading it on.... it is a small thimble box.

Here is my normal desk  . . .  looking very abandoned but has a fab pressie from Elisabeth the silver scrapper      who has started  fab giveaway every saturday. . .  she is clearing out her massive book collection.

Lots of inspiration here so a BIG THANKYOU  to Elisabeth

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If you are wondering why I am showing this hop over to the stamping ground and see what     WOYWW  is all about . . . . the fab Julia keeps us  all under control (almost )
 see you on your desk very soon

PS I seem to hae deleted last weeks post . . .  does anyone know if I can get it back?


  1. I love the colours you are using in the thimble box..very elegant indeed! And, lucky you winning that very useful looking book from Elizabeth...hooray!
    Sorry, can't help with the blog retrieval...I'm a techno dunce :)
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xxxx

  2. great looking workspace! I tend to procrastinate too and leave things till being Wonder Woman wouldn't get it done! I don't think you can retrieve a deleted post but if you can post it so all of us can know how. I don't know how many times I have done that! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #41

  3. Great post and nice to see such an arty mess to spy on. How lucky that you won such a great book from Elizabeth. Hope you made your gift in time for your friend. Check out LillyBo blog too!
    jo x

  4. I am not sure if you can get your deleted post back... perhaps ask on the blogger help forum? they are sometimes! Hope you get the gift finished soon....!! Helen 3

  5. Its very nice - great book too. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl 31.

  6. Good morning, just popping in to say Hi.
    Loving your world this morning;

    Hope you have a fun week.
    Neil # 22

  7. That's a gorgeous little box - such beautiful and intricate work.
    Hope you have a lovely week - looks like sunshine for a while over our way!
    Diana #70

  8. Wow, talk about picking a complicated make and leaving it to the last minute! It's amazing, and I know that Lee won't mind when you finish it, who would, knowing it was coming!

  9. beautiful beaded box. Happy woyww jenx 90

  10. Hi Janet
    wow look at all those tiny seed beads you have been using my poor fingers won't let me play so much with them now. I think she is going to love the present it looks amazing. What a wonderful book
    Happy WOYWW #204 and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #44

  11. Wow you sure make some fiddly detailed makes, beautiful! Lucky you to get such an inspiring book. Take care Zo xx 77

  12. Like the piece you were making- I always do the same, and think things will get done in less time than it will really take! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #81

  13. Your project is looking so detailed it will be amazing when finished. Enjoy your week.
    Sandra @101

  14. I'm sure your friend will love your present, and I look forward to seeing it finished. It's awful when a deadline looms and you're running out of time, so hope you manage to get it done ok. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@57

  15. I hope you get your project finished in time.
    Karen #52

  16. Hi Janet, your thimble box looks great - what a fab prezzie, hope you get it finished. MMx #56

  17. Your beading is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting. #10

  18. What patience you must have to work that lovely beadwork. x Jo

  19. That is a gorgeous book and so nice of Elizabeth to surprise you with it. You'll have to go into your Dashboard or Design section and find POSTS and see if its still there
    Bridget #9

  20. Great desk! The mini album book looks very interesting. Happy Wednesday! SueC#107

  21. Great desk, the gift looks fantastic. Hope you get it finished in time.

  22. Sorry I am so late calling by but life has been manice here. I've been chasing my tail all morning trying to catch up with my sewing work.
    Love the beadwork you are showing this week.
    A x # 37

  23. That beaded thimble box looks awesome, love the idea of working on felt so the beads don't scatter, never thought of that! Thanks for visiting my blog, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  24. Hope you got the pressie completed in time, Janet. It looks gorgeous and something your friend will appreciate. Thanks for the mention and I am so glad you are find the book useful. Love the photo you have taken of it ... maybe I should get you to photograph all my giveaways :)) Can't imagine how you have managed to delete that post and, of course, have absolutely no idea how to get it back ... the workings of blogger are a mystery to me. Hope someone can offer up a solution. Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend. Elizabeth x #92

  25. Love your busy desk and fabulous mini album. :)


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