Tuesday, 12 April 2011

grungy monday 3

Hi monday grungers

Have  a look at linda ledbetter's blog grungy monday3. This weeks Tim Holtz challenge caused me a few problems, not least because I didn't have any colour wash. adirondack colour wash
Luckily I knew where I could get some, so I hot footed over there. I brought three colours lettuce, cranberry and stream.
I thought I'd make a flower brooch. From calico I cut out some of Tim's tattered flowers, I stamped them with a script and colour washed them with the lettuce and stream. I didn't really like them they didn't look right on their own, so I gave up on them. nothing was going right today and my kitchen was a real mess, LOL

 I loved linda's scarf so I thought I'd have a go on an old scarf I didn't want any more. I followed the instructions but it didn' t really work, I dont think  I heat sealed it properly. You can just about see the swirley pattern, the colour washed out quite a bit.
Anyway not to be defeated I had another go on a piece of calico. It's my mums birthday soon so I thought I'd make a note book. Followers of my blog will know  like making books.
Here is the fabric before I cut it up th cover the book.

I used the same stamp as before and all 3 colours and washed it out before I heat set it so that the colour was diluted. It came out quite purple-y. I sprayed the surface with  silver cosmic shimmer mist.

Then I used the flowers I made earlier and added a brad and fixed it to the book cover. I covered a book plate with copper utee to match the brad. I stamped 'notes' on a spare piece of the fabric and put it
inside the bookplate. I stamped some more swirls with stazon and glued some beads over the top.
it took a while but I actually quite liked it in the end.

I dont think i will give the book to my mum though.... too grungy


  1. I love the look of all 4 pieces. The flower colors are wonderful.Your book cover looks terrific...Donna

  2. Great colours... they take well on cloth don't they!!!

  3. Looks like you've had fun playing with these - I've not got into using fabrics before but I think you might just have inspired me!

  4. Veru original! I love the muted colors you have acheived with your exploration of the techniques.

  5. I love the way the book cover came together Janet... what a great way to use all your elements... and I love the swirly pattern on your scarf...

    Jenny x

  6. Love the notebook and the colouring you have achieved on the background.


  7. Love the soft colors on the fabric. I'm going to have to give that a try.

  8. I love the way your flowers and fabric came out... the colors are stunning!

  9. Your persistence paid off in spades. The book is beautiful

  10. You made great choices for your Color Wash purchase, and your idea to use it for a fabric book cover is brilliant! It's absolutely gorgeous, Janet!

    (I'd keep the book, too, just because it's too wonderful to give away!!!) ;-)

    Keep trying with the scarves, too. If the color didn't take, it might be that the scarf had some synthetic content and refused to take the dye. If you decide to do another and want some help, just let me know. :-)


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