Wednesday, 13 April 2011


hi wednesday people

time to see those desks again. checkout julia's blog to see what it' all about  julia's stamping ground

lots of stuff on my desk this week.  a lot of work has been done on the kitchen table too. But that had to be cleaned up as it was very messy paint-y stuff  from grungy monday (see yesterday's post).

 here is the result of the pile of knitting pieces..... yes elisabeth, it is from the 'knit your own Royal wedding' book.  i didn't buy the book but my library knitting group are doing it for a display....if you haven't seen it, it is hysterical LOL.are you ready for this girls.... here is the groom

Here is some other stuff i have been doing.
you know the free case you get with ....... busines cards, well it is rather boring so i thought i would have a go at personalising it ... with friendly plastic. it was very quick.
 i cut some pieces to the size of the central panel and heated it with the heat gun. i stamped a simple flower in to the plastic while it was still hot. when it was cold i glued it in place,  i was quite pleased with it. . .  it's different anyway!!
 you have to wait until the plastic has cooled before the stamp will come out, but it does show up.
 the plastic stretched a bit so i curled one corner to make a feature. i also glued some gems around the edge to add a bit of bling.

I have also made some more wire flowers.
the flower on the left is the same as the one i made earlier but the right hand one i made a bit differently.
i pulled the petals out a bit wider and then then twisted them and pulled them into the center
 i think i was trying to get them to look a bit like a dahlia. the centre of each has beads glued in.
 i have been trying a new glue from work it is called  Beacons 3 in 1 advanced craft glue it is crystal clear to start will and glues very well. i may forget to take it back to work !!!! ops sorry vicky.

sunday was such a lovely sunny day it would have been a crime to stay in doors, so i sat in the garden and did some beading. i started this bracelet a while ago but had to leave it to do more important things. time to finish it i think. the base of the bracelet uses the new tila beads (little square tiles with 2 sets of holes  parallel to each other. it also uses the new Swarovski sequins.... very blingy. i saw a pattern similar in the last Beadworkers Guild Journal but i changed it slightly.
 i also made a beaded bead for the clasp.

also still on my desk is the book i made using adirondack colour wash  dyes for the grungy monday challenge. the book looks brown here but it is  really a pinky mauve colour with greeny splodges. this dye is brilliant, i will definately use it again very soon.
anyway time for some  fun peeking at all the lovely desks

see ya soon


  1. I like those flowers, they are so pretty. I think Blogger is playing up again as I cannot see all of your pictures.

  2. So much going on love the flowers youve created.Plus the book cover too i havent got those stains must invest got all the new Tim holtz ones but not the colour wash so had to skip this weeks challenge.Have have a creative wednesday
    hugs judex3

  3. What a busy busy desk! I love all the projects you have out here for us to see. Those flowers are so pretty. thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  4. Wow, how multi taksascious you are! It's all rather amazing Janet, my faves this wek are the wire flowers...very Ascot!


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