Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi world
well after the big move around last week I struggled a bit to get going 'coz I didn't want to get my work space messy . . . .  now, I have well and truly.
Take a look at  the world of work spaces  HERE  from  the stamping ground blog.
Some of my work is absent as it has already been sent to the recipient.
The first card I made was for my dauighter who's just moved out.

This is a wardrobe fold card, the outside is completely different ( Inked and 'Arty') to the outside, cute ... more Lucy's style.

Then I made a birthday card for my niece's son . . .  . . . 14 year old boys, a nightmare to make cards for LOL.

Next I made some ATC's for my swap group

What a busy week!
This is my next project see next weeks desk to see if  I've finished it, something for Erin!!

Well I'm off to look at the rest of the world's desks.


  1. wow one very busy week of creativity there well done and looking forward to seeing what you do with the shirt, Shaz in oz.x ps thanks for following have returned the compliment!

  2. Had to do a double take there - oh a baby vest..not tighty whities!! You've been busy, but I think you've cleared up, surely. Man, your idea of messy isn't mine!!

  3. My, but you've been busy - you put me to shame because I haven't completed one project this week so far. Your workspace doesn't look messy at all - there's still space to craft on. Have a great week, Elizabeth x #79

  4. I'm very jealous of all your drawers!
    I guess when using a knife you have to keep your desk a lot tidier than me - as I would class your desk as tidy.

  5. No, not messy!! but you have been busy, if I'd been that busy I wouldn't be able to get out, or even in to my craft room! Happy WoYwW

  6. Love the cards and your storage. Great idea to label the drawers.

    Thank you for sharing and happy WOYWW! :)

    Maggie #115

  7. WOW you have had a busy week. Love how organized your desk is. love all the drawers. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  8. Wow you are busy, Love that card with the tree!!
    Keep smiling and creating, I couldn't play this week, but watch for my post next Wednesday for sure!!


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